The flipped classroom: assessment strategies to foster learning

Image: CC BY Bill Selak, Ed Tech
Image: CC BY Bill Selak, Ed Tech

Elizabeth Sheedy has worked with LTC staff and  ‘flipped’ one topic of her postgraduate unit in Financial Risk Management.  The flipped classroom approach for the unit is to have students prepare prior to class through activities, readings and viewing recorded material so that face to face time can be better spent actively in discussion and work on case studies.
The topic outcomes, activities and assessment strategies were carefully designed and structured to support students to complete before, during and after class as appropriate to their learning.

This has been an intensive project which started at the beginning of the year with Elizabeth teaching the topic on Monday, April 14!

More – See examples of activities, formative assessments and learner interaction.

Faculty Partnership Program Applications open on April 21 – Closes May 23.

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