FiLT and TIP revenant!

Faculty Learning and Teaching teams have been working in partnership with the Learning Innovation Hub to redesign our foundational learning and teaching professional development programs (TIP and FiLT). These programs will be delivered in blended mode, with both central common components and faculty-specific requirements.

Faculty and Hub teams will be involved in the delivery and ongoing development of both programs, as we refresh our professional development offerings in the light of the Learning & Teaching Strategic Framework, Learning for the Future, and in alignment with the UK Professional Standards Framework. Both TIP and FiLT are designed to provide a basis for participants apply for professional recognition as an Associate Fellow or Fellow of the UK Higher Education Academy, and/or for academic promotion.

Teaching Induction Program (TIP)

TIP has been recast as the “Teaching Induction Program”, with the inclusion of a common “Learning and Teaching Induction” face-to-face session, updated iLearn modules and a range of practical, formal and informal learning experiences determined by and specific to each faculty.

You can register for TIP here. Once you have registered, you will receive a confirmation email with further information. You will also need to register separately for the Learning and Teaching Induction workshop – see TIP registration to choose one of these offerings (27 July, 3 Aug or 4 Aug). Note that if you have been teaching for more than one semester at Macquarie you do not need to attend the Learning & Teaching Induction workshop.

Foundations in Learning and Teaching (FiLT)

Foundations in Learning and Teaching, like TIP, has been redesigned as a blended learning program with both common and faculty-based activities. It is organised around four modules. Each module includes a half-day face-to-face session complemented by independent reading, online activities and interaction, practical faculty-prescribed activities and submission of a scholarly reflection on which participants receive feedback. FiLT Module 1 commences on July 25, with some pre-reading for the introductory half-day face-to-face session on the afternoon of Wednesday 27 July.

You can register for FiLT here. Once you have registered, you will be enrolled in the FiLT iLearn unit. More information will be emailed to you prior to commencement of the program on July 25.

5 thoughts on “FiLT and TIP revenant!”

  1. Not everything that returns from the dead is a zombie!

    Zombies are undead.

    FiLT and TIP are well and truly alive! ’tis a miracle!!!!

    (LIH and Faculty L&T – Miracles-R-Us!)

  2. (Despite NOT being zombies, the TIP and FiLT programs are especially hungry for teachers’ bra-a-a-i-ns!)

  3. Sorry, where is the “former Workshop Bookings site”? I can’t seem to find it. Thanks for your help.

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