FBE First STEP Alumni Networking Event

Mentoring and Networking are important building blocks for any student as they embark on their career journey.


It is about building and nurturing quality relationships. This has been a key focus in  FBE’s First STEP Mentoring Program since it’s inception in  2012. Earlier this month, FBE First STEP held an Alumni event for all their current and former participants (academics and students) at Macquarie University’s Art Gallery. This was a great opportunity for those that attended to reconnect and strengthen some of the relationships made through the program.

The First STEP Mentoring Program invited Academic Mentor, Verity Greenwood and General Manager of Business Development and Education (International) from CPA Australia, Anthony Matis to provide some insights on the importance of mentor relationships and the benefits networking can offer.

FS2‘The First STEP Mentoring Alumni event reinforced the responsibility and joy of being a mentor and the benefits in connecting and staying connected with our students as they take opportunities and grow as individuals in their chosen career paths and everyday life’.

Verity Greenwood, Academic Mentor, Macquarie University

FS3The First STEP Alumni Networking Event provided students with some fundamental tips and guidance on how to maximise networking and some strategies for success once in the business world. One of the key messages conveyed by Anthony Matis was that every experience no matter how small or big is a stepping stone to new opportunities. Students should not discount what they have achieved as that shapes who we are as an individuals.

The First STEP Mentoring Program provides an avenue for students to build on their experiences and expand their networks which enhances their overall student experience. If you are interested in getting involved, please send an email to firststep@mq.edu.au

— The First STEP Mentoring Team

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