Farewell, ‘Ms Teche’…. The Lucy Arthur story

Lucy Arthur, my friend, colleague, inspiring co-worker, has been on my case for a while inviting me to contribute to Teche.

Having infrequently published posts on Teche, Lucy diagnosed me with a severe case of “imposter syndrome” (fear of being exposed as a “fraud” – at least at writing blog posts in my case ).

However, I now believe it is a must to write, as Lucy is leaving Macquarie after 7 years and I strongly feel that a Teche Post written by ‘ME’ would be the best farewell present I can give her.

It is never easy to farewell a friend, let alone if that friend was not only somebody who was able to contribute to my personal and professional growth, but also somebody who was able to hold me strong during difficult changes at work, making me feel I could conquer it all.

What leads me to reflect on the importance of having strong and healthy alliances at work… is how different those relationships can make everything! How different our day-to-day can become when we share our work with those who can teach us, inspire us and make us laugh…

Can you think of a colleague of yours that makes you feel like that? If you do, make sure you nurture them…they are priceless.

But, back to Lucy….she deserves more than a post written ‘ONLY BY ME’, as her career at Macquarie over the last 7 years saw her involved in a number of significant projects and activities which made exceptional contributions to the university. I knew I could ask dozen of colleagues to chip in, but it would have made this post far too long to read; impossible to include all of those who enjoyed working alongside Lucy’s genius, commitment and creativity.

So I called on Prof. Sherman Young, PVC Learning and Teaching and Helen Carter, Lucy’s supervisor over 4 years in the former Learning and Teaching Centre, to enhance this post by sharing their experiences working with her.

“Lucy and I worked together on a number of projects over the years from the iLearn implementation to the most recent LTX launch. Over that time, she made a lot of seemingly impossible things happen (I think the online unit guide project probably scarred us both for life!!) and some of her creations are now embedded in the Macquarie culture – Teche in particular will undoubtedly be a lasting legacy. Through her abilities, dedication and care, Lucy made an enormous contribution to all things learning and teaching at Macquarie. She will be much missed” said Prof. Sherman Young.

Echoing these sentiments, Helen Carter described the context of when her and Lucy began working together, around 5 years ago when Macquarie was in the early stages of implementing a new Learning Management System, along with a host of supporting technologies.

“It was about that time when I met Lucy. She was the conduit for communication between the Learning and Centre’s (LTC) activity and the Faculty.…
“What a great impression she made on me. Not one to wait for problems to happen, Lucy was always pro-active and made sure everyone understood what was happening. She got on well with everyone and was a joy to work with. Transitions such as this are never easy but Lucy certainly helped smooth the way.
And then came the infamous UNITS project (unit guide), one of those longstanding, never quite realised projects.
When Lucy came on board as the Project Manager she persevered until the job was done. There was an incredible amount of obstacles thrown in her way but she had the resilience, with the support of Sherman Young, to see this project through – at least to a workable stage and with enough community engagement to make it worthwhile.
Lucy also worked alongside me managing the fantastic Educational Design and Development team in the LTC.
But one of my happiest memories of Macquarie is working with Lucy on the ‘teche’ project, Macquarie’ own L&T Blog.
Lucy is delightfully creative, the ultimate collaborator and knows how to enthuse and engage with all staff.
With over 30 years experience in the HE sector, I can cite this as a genuine innovation. There are many blogs on L&T but not that many that were able to engage with so many staff and build such a profile in such a short time” said Helen Carter.

So, says me, next time you read Teche, think of Lucy, who was able to see beyond the LTC’s pdf newsletter to create a wonderful, innovative forum to connect us.

On behalf of all of those people at Macquarie who were fortunate to work alongside you, THANK YOU Lucy for being such a tremendous colleague and all the very best with your new position at UTS.
Farewell Lucy!!! Adios amiga!!!

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader”
 John Quincy Adams

10 thoughts on “Farewell, ‘Ms Teche’…. The Lucy Arthur story”

  1. Sad to see her leave! Amazing person, colleague, and friend. Life is either a great adventure or nothing. All the best 🙂

  2. Beautiful post Maria. Brought the tears on thinking about our Lu leaving us.

    Lu you will be missed. I’m grateful to call you a friend and even more grateful for all the memories we’ve shared. I hope to share many, many more with you.


  3. +1! I was very lucky to work with Lucy.
    She’s simply exceptional! ..Deeply human, action-oriented, highly professional. A real role-model and an inspiration…

    You’ll be ‘mega-giga-hyper’ missed, Lucy!

  4. Lucy, many thanks for your professionalism, passion and drive. You are leaving Macquarie with a fantastic teaching and learning legacy. You will be missed by a lot of people here at Macquarie, me included.
    All the best.

  5. Hey Lucy,
    I was surprised to hear you were leaving! For the little time I have known you, you have been positive, friendly and always helpful.
    You will be missed. esp. with Teche!
    Keep in touch.
    Good luck with your future endeavours.

  6. Agree with everything you have said so beautifully Maria. Lucy made things happen and is a connector in addition to her warm, engaging nature. A woman who will be missed!

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