“Popcorn” by Joakim Wahlander 2009 CC BY-NC 2.0

Faculty Partnership Popcorn!

Get your popcorn ready: we’ve put together a short showreel of some of the finest educational media produced by the Faculty Partnership Program.

Videos styles on show:

  • Pre-recorded lectures
  • Animations and visualisations (0.50)
  • Documentaries and mixed-methods (2.36)
  • Demonstrations and role plays (4.00)
  • Interviews (4.44)

The video features the media production skills of staff from Macquarie’s Learning and Teaching Centre (including Michael Rampe, Nathan Sollars, Tony Dwyer and Mike Catabay)  and the work of the many academic staff who have participated in the Faculty Partnership Program, including:

  • Dr Rod Lane
  • Associate Professor Melanie Bishop
  • Damian Bridge
  • Dr Kate Highfield
  • Associate Professor Mark Hancock
  • Dr Michael Cavanagh

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