Faculty Partnership Popcorn!

Get your popcorn ready: we’ve put together a short showreel of some of the finest educational¬†media produced by the Faculty Partnership Program.

Videos styles on show:

  • Pre-recorded lectures
  • Animations and visualisations (0.50)
  • Documentaries and mixed-methods (2.36)
  • Demonstrations and role plays (4.00)
  • Interviews (4.44)

The video features the media production skills of staff from Macquarie’s Learning and Teaching Centre (including Michael Rampe, Nathan Sollars, Tony Dwyer and Mike Catabay) ¬†and the work of the many academic staff who have participated in the Faculty Partnership Program, including:

  • Dr Rod Lane
  • Associate Professor Melanie Bishop
  • Damian Bridge
  • Dr Kate Highfield
  • Associate Professor Mark Hancock
  • Dr Michael Cavanagh

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