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All you ever wanted to know about…

…KickStart! (but were afraid to ask)

Everything you need to know about the University’s roll-out of KickStart is now in one place on the staff website:

You can access:

  • samples of current packages
  • answers to common questions
  • info about how you and your unit can get involved

What’s KickStart again?

The KickStart initiative aims to prepare and engage students during the two week run up to Session start dates. It has received great interest in its merits and potential for wider adoption.
Currently there are several teams of academics, educational designers and videographers working across all Faculties to put together KickStart packages.  These packages will be included in three units for Session 3 this year and a further 13 units in Session 1 2015.

A group of Merit Scholars are also creating additional KickStart packages for units in FBE as well as reviewing previous KickStart content.

If you have any questions about the current KickStart Project please contact Victoria Taylor at