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eReserve becomes Unit Readings

Have you heard?  eReserve has changed.

eReserve  has been replaced by Unit Readings!  What does that actually mean and how will affect me as teaching staff?

  • “New library” by Tony Dwyer ©2013 Macquarie University
    “New library” by Tony Dwyer ©2013 Macquarie University

    All reading lists submitted to the library for Session 2 are available through the Library’s Multisearch tool via  the Unit Readings tab

  • Searching by Unit code will simultaneously retrieve titles available either online, or in physical form in the Library’s print Reserve Collection
  • You can put a link to the whole list of your Unit Readings in iLearn
  • You can put in a link to a specific reading or resource in your iLearn unit.  Why?  To continue the learning sequence in your unit, rather than sending students off to search for the reading, embedding the reading or resource in the learning design of your unit

So, how  to do this linking?  Check out the short instructional videos on the Unit Readings info page on the iLearn Resources website (just a quick promo – you can send your students to this page for Student iLearn Guides).

For more help with linking your Unit Readings, please contact your Faculty’s Educational Designer via