Don’t miss out! Give your students the best start in Session 1 2016

Do you have a large cohort? Is your unit known to be a challenge for students? Or could it just do with an engagement boost? Get KickStart into your unit for Session 1 2016!

The KickStart team aim to roll out KickStart packages to several more units for Session 1 2016 and are looking to involve 10 units from each faculty.  The creation of KickStart resources will happen during Session 2 2015.

We are currently streamlining the creation process for KickStart packages whilst maintaining the value of resources. The time commitment from Unit Convenors is approximately 3 hours of work, in return for an Educational Designer’s assistance in the building of a KickStart package, and a dedicated video producer to make the necessary videos.

We have also been reassessing the rationale behind KickStart to align our initial research findings with current student feedback.  We want to find what makes a KickStart package successful and the most efficient processes to enable creation of this.

Targeted units

We are targeting units from all levels to be involved, particularly those which are known to be a challenge for students and that may have large cohorts enrolled.

So does the above sound familiar to your unit?  If the answer is yes – then please contact Victoria Taylor on for further information about adding KickStart to your unit.

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