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Digital ideas can be easy and engaging

There’s a myth I’d like to dispel, that using technology is hard and takes a lot of time. Technology and the use of digital tools can be easy to learn, adopt and implement in your teaching. Here’s where you can find some gold.

image by, courtesy of,CC0App stores can be overwhelming with the amount that’s in them. Luckily, there are lots of nerdy people like me out there who love exploring and making recommendations, so you don’t have to dig through the piles.  In this post, I’m going to share with you a. how you can easily use digital tools in your learning and teaching, b. where to find them, c. some examples and d. where to from here?

a. How you can easily use digital tools in your LT

Firstly, the pedagogy should always drive the technology, so have in mind what you want to do, then look for the tool (and by tool, it could be an app, a program, website, etc.).

b. Where to find them

There are many great sources out there of curated tools.  My go to’s are:

c. Some examples

Scenario 1:
You Image by .SilentModem, courtesy of Flickr, (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)find students are getting stuck on the same concept or something about an upcoming assessment task  and are  contacting you individually.

This is a perfect time to do a screencast, essentially a recorded explanation that you can record on most mobile devices or your computer.  Easy to do, upload the file or link to iLearn or post as an announcement, voilà!

This is also something you can ask students to do too, as a learning activity.  You know the old saying, if you can’t explain it, you don’t understand it?  There’s some truth in that.


Scenario 2:
You want students to do group work and be able to see their planning and contributions.  

Suggestions:<a href="">Designed by Freepik</a>
Ask students to sign up to a free, group/project management app.  You sign up too and they add you to the team so you can see what is happening in the space.  This allows students to have one central place to plan, delegate tasks and share documentation.

Note: Some apps are free and have a time or number or recording limits, and a watermark.  Most apps are a few dollars for the paid version. Always check the terms and conditions you are agreeing to.

d. Where to from here?

<a href=''>Designed by Freepik</a>If you’re curious, we’re off and running!  Get your fingers going, download something and have a play.  You can always talk to your friendly Faculty Learning Designers here at MQ, about what you’d like to try, see what they can recommend.  These people are great to bounce ideas with, email them through

We will be (semi-regularly) featuring some tools we come across and if you have any that you’d like to share, please do!  Give me a shout in the comments section below.

, write YOUR OWN Teche post?!  Don’t know how to?  There’s an app, oh, I mean a guide for that!


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  1. Great tips here Rebecca. I’ll definitely be checking out the screencast concept and your links. Also #12appsDIT a good one to link to for learning in the lead up to Xmas (they present an app as a “present”each day and you can subscribe to it)

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