A countdown to Opening iLearn [important]

Have you ever wondered what is being covered in other units of study at Macquarie?

You may be a unit convenor looking to incorporate interdisciplinary examples in your unit to help students connect the dots between your and other units. Or you might want to see how your colleagues are designing their online units to get some fresh ideas and inspiration.

Or, perhaps, you are a professional staff member who wants to know details about specific courses so that you could answer students’ questions, or see a ‘big picture’ when you are doing your job.

Starting December 5th Macquarie will join many universities worldwide in making some parts of online content accessible to its academic and professional staff.

We are open

This move is designed to provide an easier way to collaborate within and between disciplines, assist programs in program review and design, and to give staff a new way to learn from each other.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What will happen?

The content of the most recent iLearn spaces will become visible (via a search function) to all Macquarie staff as observers. Student details and contributions will not be visible. For example, staff will be able to see that there is a forum, but won’t be able to see forum contributions or students’ names.

In other words, you’ll get a good idea of the content that is being covered in this unit and what tasks students are required to do, but you won’t have access to any of the students’ details.

When will it happen?

December 5th, 2016

Will ALL the units become available, including all the past units?

No, only units on iLearn from January 2016 onwards.

What will it look like? Will my iLearn become cluttered with hundreds of iLearn spaces?

Your iLearn landing page will remain the same. You will be able to search for other iLearn spaces via ilearn.mq.edu.au/course/

Will I need to do anything to open up my unit?

Open iLearn will happen automatically. Staff will not be required to do anything.

What if I have copyright materials in my unit?

If you own copyright in the materials and would like to control distribution, you can consider adding a copyright note (e.g. “This material is copyright by …) or a copyright symbol © to the content.

If the material was licensed specifically for use by your students you may need to take additional measures. Feel free to contact copyright@mq.edu.au with any queries.

What if I have ‘commercial-in-confidence’ or ethics-protected content in my unit, or if the materials contain sensitive or private information?

Requests for exceptions to the Open iLearn initiative should be discussed with the Associate Dean of Learning and Teaching in your Faculty (see below for details).

What if I would like to see a unit that has received an Open iLearn exception?

Such requests will be considered by the appropriate Associate Dean.

Have other questions?

Contact your Associate Dean, Learning and Teaching:

Faculty of Arts: Dr. Peter Keegan, peter.keegan@mq.edu.au, W6A 236, Ext. 8819

Faculty of Business and Economics: Dr Leigh Wood, leigh.wood@mq.edu.au, E4A 714, Ext. 4756

Faculty of Human Sciences: Dr. Mitch Parsell, mitch.parsell@mq.edu.au, W6A 701, Ext. 1040

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences: Professor Cath Dean, catherine.dean@mq.edu.au F10, Ext. 6620

Faculty of Science and Engineering: Dr James Downes, james.downes@mq.edu.au, E6B 710, Ext. 8900

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  1. Great to read such a clear guide on this and it answered the questions I had on this implementation, thanks.

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