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From the Associate Dean Learning and Teaching

Jean Marc Cote (if 1901) or Villemard (if 1910)

Online learning, from fully distance to internet-enabled flipped classrooms, is gaining increasing traction locally, nationally and internationally. Last year witnessed the rise of MOOCs with literally millions of people enrolling in free university modules. But even before the MOOC hype, online learning was becoming increasingly important. Internationally, 53% of European universities offer online learning units (Sursock & Smidt 2010). In the US, blended learning is the fastest growing mode of enrolment with total revenue from online learning over 7 billion in 2005 (Ruth 2006). Nationally, OUA enrolments have climbed steadily for the 5 years to 2012. Continue reading From the Associate Dean Learning and Teaching

The Game of Thrones technique for keeping your students engaged

Tell them what happens to those who don’t pay attention

There are many creative techniques that can help teaching staff keep students engaged in learning. This week reports are circulating on the internet of one high school maths teacher with a new approach out of left-field: threatening students with spoilers from the HBO series Game of Thrones. If students do not pay attention when required, they risk being told which characters in the hit series will die in the next season, and how.  By all reports the technique has been very effective, with the class remaining quiet, and very attentive.

The teacher has already read all the books by George R. R. Martin,  thus proving the saying, knowledge is power.  Although, as die-hard Game of Thrones fans will know, that concept didn’t work out so well for Littlefinger against Cersei in Episode 1 of Season 2.

Workshop is Coming

If you’re in search of inspiration for ways to deliver essential knowledge and skills in a way that inspires creativity and motivation, consider participating in this upcoming session from the Learning and Teaching Centre:

Fostering Creativity in Our Classroom
Thursday 3rd April
5pm to 6.30pm
Details and registration here

P.S. Beware searching for anything Game of Thrones-related online, for the Internet is dark and full of spoilers.

Peer Review Resources

The  Macquarie Peer Review of learning and teaching website is designed to encourage peer review  as a professional development activity focused on the quality enhancement of learning and teaching as well as providing resources for those interested in engaging in this process. This website and the resources were developed in the course of the Office for Learning and Teaching funded research project led by Macquarie called  “Social, Communicative and Interpersonal Leadership in the Context of Peer Review.”

Larry Page Talks Ted

And here we thought Google Drive was something… Earlier this week Google CEO Larry Page did an interview as part of a TED Talk, and holy cow was it a sha-bang and a half. Some of the technology innovations Google are coming up with are not only game changers, but may even be game set and match for all looking to take on AI, transport and the like. Watch this and leave your thoughts for food in the comments below.

A series on digital media, copyright and creative commons – Part 1: Media.

Where is digital media?

This is an introduction to a series of blog posts focusing on contemporary issues relating to media, copyright law and creative commons. Comments are encouraged by all. 

Photo adapted from mkhmarketing:
Photo adapted from mkhmarketing:

There is no doubt today’s society and culture is media rich. Videos, music, and interactive multimedia are now available as forms of digital media across the Internet. Continue reading A series on digital media, copyright and creative commons – Part 1: Media.

Teche: You’re Probably Saying it Wrong

Geoffrey Chaucer, 17th C, Public Domain you’ve ever wondered about the correct pronouncation of Teche, or even if you just love listening to a bit of Middle English, here’s a real treat:

Professor Jess B. Bessinger, Jr. reads the General Prologue from Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales.

About 17 minutes in is the sentence ending with ‘And Gladly Teche’ (from whence cometh our University Motto and blog name).

So forget about ‘tekky’ or ‘tetchy’, it seems Teche should be pronounced ‘tay-ch’.


What’s on the Horizon? Macquarie connection

NMC and ELI Release the NMC Horizon Report > 2014 Higher Education Edition

horizon at RhodesThe New Media Consortium (NMC) and EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative (ELI)  jointly released the 11th edition of the NMC Horizon Report > 2014 Higher Education today. The NMC Horizon Project, an ongoing research project designed to identify and describe emerging technologies likely to have an impact on learning, teaching, and creative inquiry in education.

Continue reading What’s on the Horizon? Macquarie connection

New Year New Staff!

The LTC is extending its family.

As the LTC wishes best of luck to star performers Sherrie Love, Rebecca Ritchie and Mingming Diao, who are going on secondment, it also welcomes with open arms Jorge Reyna, Victoria Taylor and Jean-Christophe Froissard as new staff who will fill the void left behind. They bring with them a wealth of experience into the LTC ranging from TAFE e-learning to expertise in BlackBoard Collaborate (something we are all keen to explore, no doubt). Jorge will be located within the Faculty of Science as the designated Educational Designer, whereas Victoria and Jean-Christophe will be located in the LTC, working with Faculties on Faculty Partnership Programs (FPP) and other initiatives such as FLaME.

A little bit about our new and extending family:

Victoria Taylor comes to us from Navitas English and has considerable design and development experience working with virtual online classrooms. Victoria replaces Rebecca Ritchie (while she is on secondment) as a centrally based educational designer and will start on Tuesday 28th Jan.

Jorge Reyna comes to us from UWS where he has been working as a blended learning advisor, supporting academics in their integration of technologies to design engaging learning activities. Jorge replaces Sherrie Love (while she is on secondment) as the educational designer attached to the Faculty of Science and will start on Feb 3rd.

Jean-Christophe Froissard (Chris) comes to us from TAFE eLearning Hub and has considerable experience in Moodle, digital media and design and development of online resources. Chris will replace MingMing Diao (whilst he is on secondment) as a centrally based educational designer and will start on Monday 17th Feb.

Please make these new lambs welcome to the farm as they embark on a journey here at Macquarie.

Three Little Lambs
(CC BY-NC 2.0) Eva Ganesha