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Introducing Michael Rampe

While Ming Ming Diao is seconded to the DEEWR project, Michael Rampe will be the Human Sciences Educational Designer. Michael is assigned from LTC to support the Faculty this year and is fluent with the University’s enterprise learning systems including iLearn, Units and iTeach.

rampe_smMichael’s professional specialty is educational media and he is also currently undertaking his PhD studies here in the Faculty, investigating the multimodal characteristics of educational video. Michael has extensive video production experience and is keen to help produce videos for online teaching, flipped classroom or other purposes. FoHS have a mobile video rig and FBE have a full production suite.

Here are some examples of Michael’s impressive work:

Flipped Classroom


A word on Online Enrolment

Hand CursorEligible students from the following Faculty of Human Sciences degree programs were able to elect to enrol online into units and classes from January 6th onwards :

Bachelor of Arts – Psychology
Bachelor of Science – Psychology
Bachelor of Psychology (Honours)
Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Education Birth – 12)
Bachelor of Teaching (Birth – 5)

Course and study program information was provided online and students also had the choice to attend on-campus enrolment for academic advice and support.   Students who did choose to enrol online found it successful.  There were quite a few students who  chose to attend  the enrolment on campus enrolment session.  The University will continue to  develop the number of programs available for students to enrol online.

Linda Maher, Student Administration Manager


Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 3.07.05 pmGrants

Congratulations to Joanne Mulligan and team on the OLT ETMST ‘Opening Real Science: Authentic Mathematics and Science Education for Australia’ project.


… and to Penny Van Bergen who recently won the The Division of Psychological Research, Education and Training (DPRET) of the Australian Psychological Society (APS) Early Career Teaching Award.



Sachs, Judyth, Parsell, Mitch (Eds.) (2014) Peer Review of Learning and Teaching in Higher Education. Springer.

Nicolson et al. (Forthcoming) Distributed Digital Essay: Academia Connects with Social Media. ascilite 2013.


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Congratulations to Cathrine Neilsen-Hewett

Online Learning imageCongratulations to Dr Cathrine Neilsen-Hewett, Senior Lecturer IEC, who has recently been appointed as the Faculty’s representative on the Senate Learning & Teaching Committee. With years of experience as a member of FSQC and FLTC and as Director of L & T IEC, Cathrine is excited about the opportunity to be able to contribute further to the broader L & T community at MQ. Continue reading Congratulations to Cathrine Neilsen-Hewett

PACE & Wesley Mission Partnership

Michelle Parrish for Wesley Mission had this to say about the success of the PACE:

Time spent talking to you and your team at MQ is always time well spent. I now have two wonderful highly intelligent graduates from MQ working as case managers in my team, so I couldn’t be happier 🙂

On Monday this week, I offered Chris Foo ( recent graduate MU) a casual P.T  case manger position in my team. Chris was one of the 7 students that I had on placement with me last year too. So that’s three of your wonderful graduates in my team now 🙂

From the Associate Dean Learning and Teaching

Jean Marc Cote (if 1901) or Villemard (if 1910)

Online learning, from fully distance to internet-enabled flipped classrooms, is gaining increasing traction locally, nationally and internationally. Last year witnessed the rise of MOOCs with literally millions of people enrolling in free university modules. But even before the MOOC hype, online learning was becoming increasingly important. Internationally, 53% of European universities offer online learning units (Sursock & Smidt 2010). In the US, blended learning is the fastest growing mode of enrolment with total revenue from online learning over 7 billion in 2005 (Ruth 2006). Nationally, OUA enrolments have climbed steadily for the 5 years to 2012. Continue reading From the Associate Dean Learning and Teaching

The Game of Thrones technique for keeping your students engaged

Tell them what happens to those who don’t pay attention

There are many creative techniques that can help teaching staff keep students engaged in learning. This week reports are circulating on the internet of one high school maths teacher with a new approach out of left-field: threatening students with spoilers from the HBO series Game of Thrones. If students do not pay attention when required, they risk being told which characters in the hit series will die in the next season, and how.  By all reports the technique has been very effective, with the class remaining quiet, and very attentive.

The teacher has already read all the books by George R. R. Martin,  thus proving the saying, knowledge is power.  Although, as die-hard Game of Thrones fans will know, that concept didn’t work out so well for Littlefinger against Cersei in Episode 1 of Season 2.

Workshop is Coming

If you’re in search of inspiration for ways to deliver essential knowledge and skills in a way that inspires creativity and motivation, consider participating in this upcoming session from the Learning and Teaching Centre:

Fostering Creativity in Our Classroom
Thursday 3rd April
5pm to 6.30pm
Details and registration here

P.S. Beware searching for anything Game of Thrones-related online, for the Internet is dark and full of spoilers.

Peer Review Resources

The  Macquarie Peer Review of learning and teaching website is designed to encourage peer review  as a professional development activity focused on the quality enhancement of learning and teaching as well as providing resources for those interested in engaging in this process. This website and the resources were developed in the course of the Office for Learning and Teaching funded research project led by Macquarie called  “Social, Communicative and Interpersonal Leadership in the Context of Peer Review.”