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New HDR Online Offering

The doctoral degree (aka the PhD) is increasingly international and interdisciplinary and more than 50% of doctoral students will not end up in academia. Hence, there is a growing need for research candidates to develop transferable and professional skills for employment in academic as well as non-academic roles.

Macquarie’s HDR Support and Development team (Office of the Dean, Higher Degree Research) and Learning Designers from the Learning Innovation Hub have designed a unit for all research candidates across campus titled HDR Professional Skills. This online offering complements the face-to-face workshops and events already provided to Macquarie’s research students.

The Macquarie University Higher Degree Research Professional Skills program aims to assist you to:

  • Develop your professional and employability skills
  • Enhance your career opportunities
  • Gain a clearer understanding of employer needs across a range of sectors
  • Understand how to build connections
  • Audit your existing professional skills
  • Augment your high level academic skills and learn how to translate them for employers

The unit offers a module that focuses on planning and developing your career, and other modules on writing a resume for industry jobs, how to apply for non-academic positions, interview skills, etc. are in development. Another section of the unit presents a bank of career stories from Macquarie’s alumni, which present various pathways from research degrees to careers in and outside academia. Finally, a curated selection of resources holds valuable information for any research candidate at any stage of their degree and is continuously updated to provide help, inspiration and ideas for career planning and development.

Research candidates at all stages of their research degree (including PhD and MRes), their supervisors, and any staff engaged in supporting research candidates are encouraged to self-enrol in the HDR Professional Skills unit. Spread the word and tweet at #MQprofdevHDR!

HDR staff across campus are currently developing a few other online modules for Macquarie’s PhD and MRes candidates. Watch this space for future announcements.

Design Team: Lilia Mantai, Fidel Fernando, Alper Yuceozsoy and Sally Purcell

What is the Learning Innovation Hub?

The Learning Innovation Hub was established in early 2016, after the Learning and Teaching Centre discontinued. The LIH brings to the community many different and diverse skills and resources.

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LTX Event – ‘Student as Partners’ Panel

The faculty of Business and Economics in collaboration with the Learning Innovation Hub is proud to kick off the “Students as Partners” series of LTX events (for those of you unfamiliar, LTX stands for Learning and Teaching Exchange).  On March 21st, 1pm-2pm, a panel of student representatives from FBE will share their experiences in class – from group work to teaching delivery and student engagement. In the second half of the event, the audience is invited to ask questions and engage with the panel, so please bring along any burning questions you might have!

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Getting published: knock, knock, knocking on journal doors

Want to get published? Use our Library tools to work out which journals to approach

Deciding on a journal to approach with a view to publishing your work can be daunting. Where can you start? Who can you seek advice from?

The Library has several tools which can aid in finding appropriate journals and establishing your shortlist. These will help you find journals in your field as well as the key information about each to help with informed decisions. 
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Learning Analytics comes to iLearn

A new learning analytics tool in iLearn is available for session 1. The Moodle Engagement Analytics Plugin (MEAP) tracks which students you deem at risk of falling behind. It allows you to create a customised profile of an “at-risk student” in your unit, send personalised, tailored emails to students that meet that profile. It can also provide you (and your HOD) with a record of what you have done to help your students.

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Introducing Teche INSIGHTS with Prashan Karunaratne

All of a sudden it’s O-week and you find yourself amongst the hustle and bustle of Session 1. Is your unit set up properly in iLearn, are you ready for your first lecture, are you still in summer holiday mode or are you on track with your new year’s resolution to do things differently? Continue reading Introducing Teche INSIGHTS with Prashan Karunaratne