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UPDATE – New Echo360 Active Learning Platform Block in iLearn

The Echo360 Active Learning Platform is the latest upgrade to our lecture capture software.  Automated lecture recordings and desktop capture uploads for Session 2 2017 onward will be carried out through the Active Learning Platform.

Once Session 2 2017 units have been created in iTeach, we require convenors and support staff to remove the Echo360 block link in iLearn and add the Echo360 Active Learning Platform block link in its place.

Enabling Echo360 Active Learning Platform block and removing Echo360 block

Login to iLearn and select a S2 2017 unit.

  1. Turn editing on.
  2. Find the Echo Recordings block. It contains the text ‘Launch Echo Centre’. Click the settings icon to reveal a menu.
  3. From the settings menu select ‘Delete Echo Recordings block’.
  4. Select ‘yes’ to confirm deletion.
  5. While editing is still on, find the ‘Add a block‘ dialogue (beneath the last listed block on the unit page) and use the drop-down menu to select ‘Active Learning Platform’.
  6. The block link will be displayed. It looks similar to the Echo360 block link, so shouldn’t cause any student confusion during the change. At this point, the block is now accessible to students. When a student clicks the block they will be shown the unit’s Active Learning Platform page.

Note – The recording list is now accessible to students, however there is an additional step to configure the block so that when a convenor or lecturer clicks, they are also taken to the unit’s Active Learning Platform page.

7. Click the newly created ‘Active Learning Platform’ block link

8. Select ‘Link Content’ to.  Ensure ‘Link to your Section Home’ option is selected.

If you experience any difficulty with this change over, or have other questions relating to Echo360 Active Learning Platform, please either email or submit a OneHelp ticket.

Workshops on other Echo360 Active Learning Platform features and functionality will be held over the next few months and other how-to posts and guidance notes will follow. If you have specific training requests, please email me at

What is the Learning Innovation Hub?

The Learning Innovation Hub was established in early 2016, after the Learning and Teaching Centre discontinued. The LIH brings to the community many different and diverse skills and resources.

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LTX Event – ‘Student as Partners’ Panel

The faculty of Business and Economics in collaboration with the Learning Innovation Hub is proud to kick off the “Students as Partners” series of LTX events (for those of you unfamiliar, LTX stands for Learning and Teaching Exchange).  On March 21st, 1pm-2pm, a panel of student representatives from FBE will share their experiences in class – from group work to teaching delivery and student engagement. In the second half of the event, the audience is invited to ask questions and engage with the panel, so please bring along any burning questions you might have!

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Getting published: knock, knock, knocking on journal doors

Want to get published? Use our Library tools to work out which journals to approach

Deciding on a journal to approach with a view to publishing your work can be daunting. Where can you start? Who can you seek advice from?

The Library has several tools which can aid in finding appropriate journals and establishing your shortlist. These will help you find journals in your field as well as the key information about each to help with informed decisions. 
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