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Formal Qualifications in University Teaching

Are they worth the effort?

HE wordeMacquarie University thinks they are!  For a number of years we have offered the Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education, and sponsored tuition fees of eligible staff who complete the program.

The Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education is designed for staff involved in teaching at university level.  Join a cohort of colleagues from Macquarie and other tertiary institutions in a flexible learning environment, with online discussion tools, virtual classrooms and optional face-to-face seminars.  The program is designed to be a stimulating and professionally rewarding experience, building on the skills, knowledge and experience of participants.  Continue reading Formal Qualifications in University Teaching

Hello, is anybody out there? Just retweet if you can hear me.

I know, Pink Floyd and Twitter… I went there

Twitter has been a massive influence across all ranges of industry, and Education is no exception. All across the Twittersphere, or Twitterverse if it please you, educators are communicating their ideas, research and discoveries with one another. Beyond all this is a large community of practitioners and followers eager to engage one another in lengthy discussion over a variety of topics and issues using Twitter. Continue reading Hello, is anybody out there? Just retweet if you can hear me.

Trialing synchronous online virtual classroom technology in Biology

In Session 2, 2013 a Faculty Partnership Program (FPP) Project, involving Dr Paul Duckett, Biology Department, and the Learning & Teaching Centre, trialed synchronous online virtual classroom technology. This short-term project enabled Paul to develop new approaches for his teaching, by utilising the support and expertise of the Macquarie University’s Learning and Teaching Centre.

Continue reading Trialing synchronous online virtual classroom technology in Biology

How do we make academic writing happen?

book chapter word frequency (2)
Word-cloud of chapter “An intimate circle: reflections on writing as women in higher education”

Picture yourself with a writing deadline looming. The telephone is ringing, the inbox overflowing, students or colleagues want your attention. Upon reading the 1000 words you have just written, you delete them and start again. If this scenario sounds familiar to you, you are probably wondering: how can I make my writing happen in everyday life? Continue reading How do we make academic writing happen?

Undergraduate Research Taking Over Australia’s Capital

ACU URCToday’s undergraduate students are recreating bones with the help of 3D printing facilities for use in anthropology classes, developing teaching materials for university staff, and discovering Universe’s ‘missing mass’! 
Whatever research your UG students are doing, help them join this year’s festival of Undergraduate Research in Canberra! Continue reading Undergraduate Research Taking Over Australia’s Capital

Contemplating Change

Vanessa Fredericks reports on a recent visit by  Dr  Patricia Morgan

Patricia Morga
Dr Patricia Morgan

Could contemplative education be the key to creating a “culture of transformative learning in a research-enriched environment” (Office of the Vice-Chancellor, Macquarie University, 2013).

Dr Patricia Morgan from the University of New South Wales thinks so. Continue reading Contemplating Change

What does the future hold for the role of Unit Convenor?

community of practice

Cathy Rytmeister discusses the importance of the role of the  Unit Convenor.

Unit Convenors are the “grass-roots” leaders and managers of learning and teaching in the University, ensuring that Macquarie offers high-quality, pedagogically sound and policy- compliant units in its programs. Traditionally, unit convenors have drawn on their own research, scholarship and experience to design, develop and maintain curriculum, leading to a strong sense of identification with, ownership of and commitment to “their” units. The current focus on curriculum planning and management at the program level poses a challenge to this traditional view. Continue reading What does the future hold for the role of Unit Convenor?

Universities as non-places

Dr Agnes Bosanquet reflects on “Universities as non-places”

MQ sculptureImagine, somewhat like Dorothy or Alice or Bastian, you find yourself in a strange place. You perceive that you are in a university (being overly familiar with such places). But can you tell which university? Or even what country you inhabit? How strong is your sense of place? Continue reading Universities as non-places