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iLearn Open House – Featuring LAWS259

This weeks’ iLearn Open House features LAWS259 – International Law.

Dr Roy Baker, from Macquarie Law School, is the convenor of LAWS259 International Law. This unit introduces students to key principles, rules and concepts in International Law and examines how they shape contemporary international relations. Baker took over this unit in 2016 – at the time the iLearn unit contained little more than the unit guide.

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Ten Easy Ways to put Research And Inquiry Into Units – FAQs

Over the last ten weeks Emeritus Professor Angela Brew presented ten simple suggestions to help you change your units or parts of your units to develop students’ research skills and competencies that you can adapt to suit your particular context. Here is a recap:

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Pracademics. #Time Management

Introducing a new Teche column, Pracademics, on the day-to-day of teaching in higher education.

Some time ago I was asked to write a post for Teche on time management for higher education teaching. (Then I was asked a bit later about the post, and then some time later again, and well, …)

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