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Help us shape Aboriginal cultural training and win Aboriginal art!

Are you a Macquarie staff member who would love to better support Aboriginal students, but you’re unsure how to do it? Do you feel uncomfortable and avoid including Aboriginal topics in your teaching because you know little about Aboriginal culture? If so, you are not alone.

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AFR Awards 2017 – watch this space

Applications to the Australian Financial Review (AFR) Higher Education Awards are scheduled to open in April 2017. AFR Awards recognise the achievement, innovation and contribution that the Higher Education sector makes to Australian prosperity and quality of life. See the 2016 finalists (including two of our own programs) here.

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New Associate Dean Quality and Standards in the Faculty of Arts

Panos Vlachopoulos is the new Associate Dean Quality and Standards in the Faculty of Arts. He began his new role on the 6th of February. He will be based in W6A 237.

I asked Panos to tell us a bit about himself and what would be his focus in the quality and standards role in the faculty.

What will be your focus?

Panos believes that the modern university is a relentlessly measured institution and that measuring the qualities of higher education can then be seen as providing a lens for re-evaluating and exploring the activities of students, organisations and the sector as a whole. He would like to see the discourse and focus shifting from quality as a compliance mechanism to that of enhancement, potentially suggesting new ideas or possibilities that build on the intrinsic qualities of the existing system and enabling a diversity of voices to be valued and incorporated within the quality sense-making activities.

What’s your background?

Panos describes himself as an academic educator with 15 years of experience in learning and teaching in higher education in countries such as UK, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Australia.  In the last 18 months he has been acting as Associate Dean Learning and Teaching in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences where he contributed his expertise to the development of many new programs in the Faculty.  He is a strong advocate of program level curriculum development and he has developed an expertise in that area.

Panos studied  Philosophy at Aristotle University in Greece, where he specialised in Philosophy of Education and Pedagogy. He then moved to the UK where he obtained a Masters in Communications, Technology and Education (University of Manchester) and a PhD in Online Pedagogy (University of Aberdeen). He is a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and member of various other professional organisations in Australia and overseas.

His research interests to date include quality of online learning design and learning experience, which he measures using a variation of methodologies (Statistics and Social Network Analysis as well as Qualitative Methods) reflective practice and “phronesis” (professional wisdom)  and program level curriculum design and assessment.

Join me in welcoming Panos to the Faculty of Arts!

Change begins with us: Leading for diversity

The Australian population has rapidly changed its multicultural identity but today, in the faces of media and leadership, there still seems to be a lack of diversity. It made me wonder what the reasons behind this were – lack of opportunity or connections? No support for them? Racism? Or was it simply that people of different heritage were not interested in these positions?

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The Learning Technologies and Spaces Roadmap, 2017-2020

In late 2015 Professor Sherman Young launched the Learning and Teaching Strategic Framework, Learning for the Future. Point 1.3.1 of Learning for the Future calls for the creation of a “roadmap for the development of spaces and technologies”.

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Approaching Student Business Incubation – A Chinese Perspective

As we ramp up the focus on student business incubation here at Macquarie with the opening of the Incubator we invite you all to a presentation on Fudan’s approach to supporting student entrepreneurship and start-up culture. Macquarie will next week welcome guests from partnering University, Fudan in Shanghai, China.

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Your Questions Answered from the DVC/A Town Hall

The DVC/A portfolio hosted a Town Hall event on Thursday 3 November to update the university community on achievements to date and strategic projects underway. Professors Simons and Young shared the Macquarie Theatre stage with Directors and Managers with priority given to the Indigenous White Paper, the Widening Participation Green Paper and the Library’s vision for leading nexus and ‘epic’ projects across campus.

The broader Learning and Teaching agenda was opened up to the floor of DVC/A staff for questions from attendees using live polling software. In addition to compliments on Professor Young’s tie: ‘great tie Sherman!’ and ‘vote 1 Sherman’s tie’, there were too many questions to get through in the one session, so we have compiled responses here. Continue reading Your Questions Answered from the DVC/A Town Hall

A countdown to Opening iLearn [important]

Have you ever wondered what is being covered in other units of study at Macquarie?

You may be a unit convenor looking to incorporate interdisciplinary examples in your unit to help students connect the dots between your and other units. Or you might want to see how your colleagues are designing their online units to get some fresh ideas and inspiration. Continue reading A countdown to Opening iLearn [important]