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Surviving And Managing Marking

Whenever I talk to my teaching friends on campus at the end of session, I hear moaning and groaning: “I love teaching if there wasn’t all this marking!” For many teachers marking isn’t enjoyable, and they usually go into survival mode for a few weeks or an intense couple of days (and nights!) just after exam time.

Here are some helpful tips on how to manage intense marking periods and stay sane:

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What is the Learning Innovation Hub?

The Learning Innovation Hub was established in early 2016, after the Learning and Teaching Centre discontinued. The LIH brings to the community many different and diverse skills and resources.

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Australian Awards for University Teaching

While maintaining productivity and motivation in your everyday tasks, you may feel at times like your teaching efforts go unannounced. But you need to be reminded that your work is acknowledged and more often than not inspires others.  Below we will hear from Professor John Croucher (pictured above receiving the award at the National Portrait Gallery, Canberra, from Senator Scott Ryan), the 2013 recipient of the now Australian University Teacher of the Year (AAUT).  Continue reading Australian Awards for University Teaching