Catch Three Visiting Academics This Session Break

As we near the end of session one, take a break from assessment and exam marking and check out three noteworthy events  during June and July.

This Friday, June 23rd, Dr Santi Caballe, Associate Professor and Researcher at the Open University of Catalonia, Barcelona, Spain brings to Macquarie ‘Innovative Methodologies to Increase Engagement in ‘Online Collaborative Learning (CSCL)’.

Dr Caballe will discuss some specific methodologies to overcome challenges and limitations in CSCL, based on both highly interactive systems and innovative learning strategies, such as learning analytics, gamification and emotional awareness.

On Wednesday the 5th of July, Chris Rust, Emeritus Professor of Higher education at Oxford Brookes University will provide an interactive workshop on Redesigning Course Assessment – A Program Leader’s Guide.

Supported by current research, the workshop will argue the need to reduce but improve summative assessment, regarding in particular the assessment of program outcomes and integrated learning, while increasing opportunities for formative assessment, the development of the students’ assessment literacy, and effective engagement with feedback – and provide practical examples of how this can and has been done.

Lastly, Independent Higher Education Consultant, Lorna Froud will provide an interactive workshop on Supporting Employability – a workshop for academic advisors’, also on July 5th.

This workshop will provide an opportunity to develop and share good practice in order to provide timely, effective and appropriate support to the students in the development of their critical self-awareness, in support of their academic success and employability whilst at university.

We hope to see you at one of these events across campus.