Calling all Space Cases

Are you an academic who is already using and loving our new active learning spaces? Or have your experiences teaching in active learning spaces left you pining for the lecture theatre?

We’re seeking participants for the first session of the new LTX | Learning and Teaching Exchange, a series of innovative conversations around learning and teaching at Macquarie.

The working title for the first session is ‘Conversations in Space: Is the Active Learning Space a fad?’. This will be a chance to participate in developing the direction of learning space design at Macquarie, and to share your practical experiences of what works currently with the spaces we have, and what doesn’t.

We would love to hear from teaching staff who might be interested in participating, for instance if you have:

  • Utilised an active learning space in your teaching?
  • Used active learning approaches in a traditional space?
  • Done something completely different (e.g. geolocation)?

This session is pencilled in for Tuesday 20 September 1-2pm (further details to follow). We would still love to hear from anyone who can’t make it to this particular session or might have a different angle on the topic of learning spaces, as there will be further opportunities in the future. Please email me at