Mariella Herberstein

Calling for Nominations: Who will be your next Academic Senate representative?

Nominations are currently open for the election of representatives to the Academic Senate. The Senate is the University’s principal academic governing body. Professor Mariella Herberstein, Chair of the Academic Senate, said that “being elected to Senate allows staff to become involved in critical matters which directly impact on the academic direction of the University. Our Senators provide critical perspectives and are important communication links between Senate and the research and teaching academy”.

“Recently Academic Senate has approved the Academic Progression Policy, has developed an Academic Appeals Policy and is working on a framework for academic integrity.”

“These policy initiatives will help shape the direction of the University for years to come”.

Professor Simon George has served in Academic Senate for the past 6 years. During that time, Professor George said that “Senate has overseen major revisions in the approach to Academic Honesty, Disruptions, Grade Appeals and Student Conduct”

Eligible academic staff are encouraged to nominate for Senate. Further information on the election and nomination forms are available from the Elections website. Nominations close at 3pm on 18 October.

Posted by Kerri Mackenzie, Project Officer to Academic Senate.