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A Call For Stories And Insights

We’d like to hear stories and insights from members of our learning and teaching community.

We’re putting a call out for article ideas, stories, insights and events. What would you like to share with the wider university community?

It’s crucial for the learning and teaching community  to hear from peers and we want to hear and disseminate more information about faculty and office-led initiatives and projects. If you know any outstanding teachers, practitioners, projects or initiatives making waves, we’d love to hear about them! The educational media production team are on the lookout to uncover exemplary teaching practice for our Teche Insights series.  Help us celebrate teaching by sending us ideas for subjects.

Teche is published with the context of the university calendar in mind, so we prioritise content that has timely relevance.

How to Teche

How can you best tell your story, deliver your message and have an impact on your audience?

When writing or proposing an article, think

  • Why does the topic matter to the audience?
  • Is it timely?
  • Is it share worthy?
  • Is there a clear takeaway, call to action?

You can either write a piece yourself, or propose a subject or story and we can research and write the article on your behalf. To create a story, simply log In to Teche with your OneID, go to Posts, create your article and then send it for review. Our editors will then make sure all the back end details are taken care of and make sure its ready to be published.

Also, if you’re keen on learning a bit more about blogging, Teche Editor Mike Catabay is happy to run workshops for small groups if there’s enough interest.

We look forward to hearing from you.