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Best, Worst, Learn

I’m a pretty old-fashioned dad and insist that the entire family sits around a dining table and has a conversation over dinner. Now that I have a teenager, this doesn’t always go to plan 🙂 .  The talking points for my kids has always been Best, Worst, Learn: The best thing that happened during the day, the worst and one thing they’ve learnt.

So in the spirit of eating my own dogfood, here’s my best, worst, learn from the most excellent Learning and Teaching Week ever:


Growing student engagement – it was great to have students on panels and in the audience. More please 🙂


Bigger attendances across the board, but it would be nice to see even more academic colleagues attend. Any ideas on how to make this happen? Oh, and what’s with all the broken microphones in C5C Forum?


Apparently, we should be having more fun. The students on the Merit Scholars Panel  insisted that their teachers should have more fun – it sounded like they engaged better when their teachers enjoyed themselves. We’ll see what we can do to help 😉


Thanks and congratulations to all involved in a terrific Learning and Teaching Week!!

2 thoughts on “Best, Worst, Learn”

  1. I like this Best / Worst / Learn! Here’s mine:

    Best – I’ve already posted about the incredible Merit Scholars, so I’ll go with the #mqltweek Twitter feed. So many sparkling ideas, biting quips, photos (and a few lunch reviews). We should look at making this more visible next year.

    Worst – probably the moment we crashed Teche when 20+ eager would-be Bloggers logged in all at once during our Blogging for Learning and Teaching Workshop. It was back up in no time though (thanks Michael Mendoza!).

    Learn – interesting to hear from external participants at the Ed Design Roundtable that they feel Macquarie has a culture which allows its staff a lot of room for experimentation and innovation in L&T.

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