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Open Educational Resources (OER)

Andrew Burrell from the Centre for Open Education and Sylvie Saab and Susan Vickery from the Library made a presentation to the Senate Learning and Teaching Committee on ‘Open Educational Resources’. This presentation can be found at:

I recommend two video clips to you that are in the presentation, the first is Professor David Riley’s TED’s Talk and ‘Why It is Important to Share Content’.

The work of Professor Mike Neary may also be of interest to anyone wishing to follow up on OER and can be found at:

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Posted by: Dr Trudy Ambler, Associate Dean (Quality & Standards), Faculty of Arts


Successful Faculty Learning and Teaching Grants 2014

Congratulations to the following staff who were successful in their application for a Faculty of Arts Learning and Teaching Grant:

Dr Diane Hughes (CI), Dr Ian Collinson, Dr Nicole Matthews, Professsor Julian Knowles, Dr Stephen Collins and Dr Adrian Renzo

Title:  The relational dynamic: Critical listening and student learning

Dr Andrew Dunstall (CI), Dr Albert Atkin, Dr Jenny Duke-Yonge and Dr Paul Formosa

Title: Student-Focused Unit Design in Philosophy: A study of unit design, student engagement and retention

Dr Yann Tristant (CI) and Dr Panos Vlachopoulos

Title: Conceptualising the TERRACE: A pilot project for the definition of a pedagogy behind a simulated archaeological excavation


Peer Review Resources

The  Macquarie Peer Review of learning and teaching website is designed to encourage peer review  as a professional development activity focused on the quality enhancement of learning and teaching as well as providing resources for those interested in engaging in this process. This website and the resources were developed in the course of the Office for Learning and Teaching funded research project led by Macquarie called  “Social, Communicative and Interpersonal Leadership in the Context of Peer Review.”