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Interview with OLT Fellowship Winner Marina Harvey

Teche speaks with Dr Marina Harvey, Academic Developer in the LTC, who has recently been announced as a successful recipient of a 2014 OLT National Teaching Fellowship for her work on sessional staff issues.

Marina, tell us a bit about how your research surrounding sessional staff began.

Continue reading Interview with OLT Fellowship Winner Marina Harvey

Hello, is anybody out there? Just retweet if you can hear me.

I know, Pink Floyd and Twitter… I went there

Twitter has been a massive influence across all ranges of industry, and Education is no exception. All across the Twittersphere, or Twitterverse if it please you, educators are communicating their ideas, research and discoveries with one another. Beyond all this is a large community of practitioners and followers eager to engage one another in lengthy discussion over a variety of topics and issues using Twitter. Continue reading Hello, is anybody out there? Just retweet if you can hear me.

Introducing Roneil Latchman

Given the overwhelming response to LTC Faculty Partnership Projects, the powers that be decided to bring on a new staff member to help out with the session 2 program. It is our great pleasure to introduce to you Roneil Latchman. Roneil brings with him extensive experience in curriculum design. He possesses great knowledge in the use of Moodle, and will be playing a key role in many session 2 FPPs.

Earlier we asked Roneil to answer a few questions, and here are the words from the man himself: Continue reading Introducing Roneil Latchman

Give your students a community for life with WordPress

There is a little community out there in the digital world called the ‘blogosphere’ and it’s massive

Online communities are popping up all the time. They tend to be communities focused around specific ideas, disciplines and interests. These communities are generally self organising and abide by mutually established and accepted set of rules and hierarchies. Some of these communities can be found on Twitter, Facebook or other social network sites. However the strongest online communities are generally identified as a collection of Continue reading Give your students a community for life with WordPress

Grademark and Rubrics workshop – your path to easier marking

The LTC has put some quick workshops together to explain how to set up and capitalise on rubrics for your assessments. These workshops include exploring the different types of rubrics, and creating, sharing and exporting rubrics. The two workshops are Using Grademark to create Assessment Rubrics and Grademark and Grademark Rubrics. Continue reading Grademark and Rubrics workshop – your path to easier marking

Don’t have Photoshop but want to edit images?

Pixlr is the free online photoshop alternative for you

Have you ever found an image you want to use for your unit, except it needs cropping? or a bit more colour balance? or would be better grayscale or black and white? The photo just needs that tiny bit of photoshopping to make it perfect, only you don’t actually have photoshop.

Then have a look at Pixlr. Continue reading Don’t have Photoshop but want to edit images?

Cortana: A coming of age for digital personal assistance

Windows Phone 8.1 update brings a new contender for personal assistance.

Recently Microsoft updated their mobile platform from WP8 to WP8.1. The update brought about significant changes resulting in a general consensus that the platform as now matured. One key element of the update includes the release of the personal assistance appropriately named Cortana (hello Halo fans!). This updates dawns a significant change in the way society augments technology into day to day activities.

It has been some time now since Apple  and Google launched their respective personal assistance applications; Siri & Google Now. And with the Windows Phone global market share hanging around 4% give or take,  what makes Cortana innovative? Continue reading Cortana: A coming of age for digital personal assistance

The Game of Thrones technique for keeping your students engaged

Tell them what happens to those who don’t pay attention

There are many creative techniques that can help teaching staff keep students engaged in learning. This week reports are circulating on the internet of one high school maths teacher with a new approach out of left-field: threatening students with spoilers from the HBO series Game of Thrones. If students do not pay attention when required, they risk being told which characters in the hit series will die in the next season, and how.  By all reports the technique has been very effective, with the class remaining quiet, and very attentive.

The teacher has already read all the books by George R. R. Martin,  thus proving the saying, knowledge is power.  Although, as die-hard Game of Thrones fans will know, that concept didn’t work out so well for Littlefinger against Cersei in Episode 1 of Season 2.

Workshop is Coming

If you’re in search of inspiration for ways to deliver essential knowledge and skills in a way that inspires creativity and motivation, consider participating in this upcoming session from the Learning and Teaching Centre:

Fostering Creativity in Our Classroom
Thursday 3rd April
5pm to 6.30pm
Details and registration here

P.S. Beware searching for anything Game of Thrones-related online, for the Internet is dark and full of spoilers.

Larry Page Talks Ted

And here we thought Google Drive was something… Earlier this week Google CEO Larry Page did an interview as part of a TED Talk, and holy cow was it a sha-bang and a half. Some of the technology innovations Google are coming up with are not only game changers, but may even be game set and match for all looking to take on AI, transport and the like. Watch this and leave your thoughts for food in the comments below.