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Lilia has recently submitted a PhD on how PhD students develop researcher identities. She is a researcher and an educator passionate about effective learning and teaching, doctoral education, and providing support to staff and students.

Designing Classroom Interaction with Digital Technology

Classroom response systems (CRS) are well recognised active learning strategies. Although student participation and engagement doesn’t necessarily equal learning, we know that active learning strategies promote learning. Continue reading Designing Classroom Interaction with Digital Technology

Teaching With Cultural Diversity

Last week’s story on international students provided insights on this group of students, their experiences and an overview of resources available for teachers and international students. In this post, we draw attention to the impact of diversity on learning and teaching and provide some suggestions on how to incorporate more awareness and understanding into your practice.

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Ideas From HERDSA2017

Two weeks ago the Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia hosted HERDSA2017, a key conference on research and development in higher education. This year’s theme was “Curriculum Transformation” with presentations organised around practical implications, drivers and facilitators in curriculum transformation. A few colleagues from Macquarie and I enjoyed stimulating, eye opening and thought-provoking conversations.

Here is what I learned based on selected presentations I attended:

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Engaging First-Year Students In Research: An Example From The Netherlands

Ideally speaking university education engages students in a research-rich learning environment, aiming to foster research competencies such as scientific reasoning and critical thinking. However, it may not always be straightforward to explicate research in undergraduate teaching in a way that is visible and approachable for students. Continue reading Engaging First-Year Students In Research: An Example From The Netherlands

Surviving And Managing Marking

Whenever I talk to my teaching friends on campus at the end of session, I hear moaning and groaning: “I love teaching if there wasn’t all this marking!” For many teachers marking isn’t enjoyable, and they usually go into survival mode for a few weeks or an intense couple of days (and nights!) just after exam time.

Here are some helpful tips on how to manage intense marking periods and stay sane:

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