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Lauren is an Events and Project Officer in the Learning Innovation Hub. She is passionate about many things, including clothes, documentaries, sewing and her dog Maggie. When she grows up she would like to be the next Louis Theroux.

LTX Event – MOOCs At Macquarie

The Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) phenomenon has been around for over ten years now. Four MOOCs have come out of Macquarie and one is currently in production.

“Over 100,000 students have enrolled in the various Macquarie MOOCs, providing a terrific learning opportunity for all involved. We look forward to further exploring the possibilities.”  – Professor Sherman Young

Professor Sherman Young will explain why MOOCs and online courses are important at Macquarie; Dr Andrew McKenna will examine what a MOOC is and give an overview of the Big History MOOCs; Professor Lesley Hughes will discuss one of Macquarie’s first MOOCs, Climate Change; Michael Rampe will give an overview of the creation of a MOOC and we will hear from Macquarie students on the different pathways MOOCs offer.

Register here.

We will also be live streaming the event – details of how to connect will be posted on event listing.

Australian Awards for University Teaching

While maintaining productivity and motivation in your everyday tasks, you may feel at times like your teaching efforts go unannounced. But you need to be reminded that your work is acknowledged and more often than not inspires others.  Below we will hear from Professor John Croucher (pictured above receiving the award at the National Portrait Gallery, Canberra, from Senator Scott Ryan), the 2013 recipient of the now Australian University Teacher of the Year (AAUT).  Continue reading Australian Awards for University Teaching

Harmony Day

Harmony Day in Australia is often acknowledged through a celebration of certain aspects of cultural identity such as food, music, and dance. Whilst there is a place for such celebration, this year the newly established Student Equity and Diversity team is showcasing three Macquarie academics whose research explores issues pertinent to Australia’s ‘cultural harmony’, such as the extremist rhetoric from Trump and ISIS. Continue reading Harmony Day

Introducing Teche INSIGHTS with Prashan Karunaratne

All of a sudden it’s O-week and you find yourself amongst the hustle and bustle of Session 1. Is your unit set up properly in iLearn, are you ready for your first lecture, are you still in summer holiday mode or are you on track with your new year’s resolution to do things differently? Continue reading Introducing Teche INSIGHTS with Prashan Karunaratne