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Interesting posts from ICDE

Don’t know what the ICDE is, then check it out here. In short it is an international body that supports a global network for online, open and flexible education. The Australasian equivalent is ACODE, which most universities in Australia, New Zealand and the University of the South Pacific are members of. Macquarie University is a long term member and I am the local rep.

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Has the digital textbook finally come of age?

For many years now the promise of digital textbooks surpassing hardcopy texts has been a desired, if not expected, outcome of the ‘digital age’.  The suggested gains have been around ease of access, use anywhere anytime, affordability and potential for interactivity. Unfortunately, the results up to now have seen proprietary software limiting both development and access, expensive subscription services and a lack of useful features in the delivered product.

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Matchmaking Project Survey Winners

Congratulations: Meghan Hughes, Daniel Tran, Matthew Burke and Lauren Gorfinkel.

David Bartolo and Helen Carter drawing the winning entries at Macquarie University Learning and Teaching Week

They each won a $100 Co-op book voucher for completing a survey on work-based learning, part of the ISP-funded Matchmaking Project Study, investigating the development of a framework for cross-Institutional collaboration in professional practice and research involving work-based learning approaches (See Call to Contribute).


The Future We Want for Higher Education

The Paris Message, entitled “Online, Open and Flexible Higher Education for the Future We Want” provides 15 clear points for governments, higher education leaders, academic staff and tertiary students.

The Paris Message has been issued by the Global High Level Policy Forum, organized by UNESCO in partnership with ICDE, held in Paris in June 2015 Continue reading The Future We Want for Higher Education

Future trend in higher education?

I recently attended a satellite event of the Universities Australia‘s Higher Education Conference 2015 in Canberra. Whilst focused on strategic initiatives supporting learning outcomes across higher education, some interesting ideas were discussed around: work-readiness and work integrated learning; and disaggregated and unbundled learning environments.

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