Australian Government Proposed Higher Education Standards Framework

Australian Government Proposed Higher Education Standards Framework

The Higher Education Standards Panel is now inviting comment on proposed revisions to the Higher Education Standards Framework. Below are the recommendations for Teaching:


Course Design

1. The rationale and design for each course of study are specified.

2. The content and learning activities of each course of study engage with advanced knowledge and enquiry consistent with the level of study and the expected learning outcomes, including:

a. current knowledge and scholarship in relevant academic disciplines

b. study of the underlying theoretical and conceptual frameworks of the academic  disciplines or fields of education or research represented in the course, and

c. emerging concepts that are informed by recent scholarship, current research    findings and advances in practice.

3. Teaching and learning activities are arranged to foster progressive and coherent achievement of expected learning outcomes throughout each course of study.

4. Each course of study is designed to enable achievement of expected learning outcomes regardless of a student’s place of study or the mode of delivery.

5. Where professional accreditation of a course of study is required for graduates to be eligible to practise, the course of study is accredited and continues to be accredited by the relevant professional body.

Reference Points

i. Australian Qualifications Framework (Second Edition January 2013).

ii. The requirements for professional accreditation of the course of study and registration of graduates to practise where applicable.

iii. Good Practice Principles of Graduate Research developed by the Council of Deans and Directors of Graduate Research.

Course Delivery

1. The staffing for delivery of a course of study reflects the expected learning outcomes for the course of study and the educational needs of student cohorts undertaking the course of study.

2. Staff who have academic oversight of, or teach in a course or unit of study are equipped for their roles, including having:

a. a qualification in a relevant discipline at least one level of qualification higher      than is awarded for the course of study, or equivalent relevant academic or    professional experience and expertise

b. knowledge of contemporary developments in the discipline or field that they teach,        informed by continuing scholarship

c. an understanding of contemporary teaching, learning and assessment principles           relevant to the discipline they teach, their teaching role, the mode of delivery and the needs of the student cohort, and

d. a scholarly capacity to lead students in intellectual inquiry at the level of the desired learning outcomes.

3. Teaching staff are accessible for students seeking individual assistance with their studies, at a level consistent with the learning needs of the student cohort.

4. Work-integrated learning or other community-based learning for students is quality assured, including assurance of the quality of supervision of student experiences.

5. When a course of study is delivered through arrangements with another party18, whether in Australia or overseas, the registered higher education provider is fully accountable for the course of study and verifies continuing compliance of the course of study with the Higher Education Standards Framework.

Learning Resources & Educational Support

1. The learning resources that are specified or recommended for a course of study relate directly to the learning outcomes, are up to date and, where supplied as part of a course of study, are accessible when needed by students.

2. Where learning resources are part of an electronic learning management system, all users have timely access to the system and training is available in use of the system.

3. Access to learning resources does not present unexpected barriers, costs or technology requirements for students, including for students with special needs and those who study off campus.

4. Students have access to learning support services that are consistent with the requirements of their course of study, their mode of study and the learning needs of student cohorts, including arrangements for supporting and maintaining contact with students who are off campus.

Closing date for comments: Friday 27 June 2014.

Late responses may be considered in extenuating circumstances. If you wish to request an extension to the submission date, please email the Higher Education Standards Executive or telephone (+613) 8306 2509.