Univative student competition

Calling all Arts students – your creative and critical thinking is needed!

Univative student competition – Applications close Friday 13th May


If you’re looking for a way to add more experience into your time at university, don’t miss the chance to take part in Univative.

*Apply your critical and creative thinking skills to solve an organisation’s problem

*Meet and work with students across other Faculties at Macquarie, as well as from 5 other NSW universities

*Connect with a range of community and commercial companies

What is Univative?
Univative is an inter-university, inter-disciplinary, and inter-cultural student team competition jointly organised by Macquarie University, UTS, University of Sydney, University of Wollongong, Western Sydney University, and UNSW. It’s held in July every year in partnership with a range of organisations to help students develop personally and professionally through researching and designing creative solutions to address real business challenges. Past participating organisations have included Maritime Museum, White Ribbon and Salvos Legal. 
When is it held?
Winter break
24th June – 22nd July 2016
Who’s eligible?
Any current local or international under graduate/post graduate Macquarie student who has either completed atleast 1 semester of study or has atleast 1 semester remaining of study. 
What are the benefits?
As well as the skills, experience, confidence, industry insights and contacts you’ll gain from taking part, many students have found further opportunities or employment through their Univative experience. You’ll be able to add this unique experience to your resume – and maybe even a winning certificate to your achievements (in fact Macquarie has had 2 winning teams for best solutions the last two years running!) 
How can I find out more?
Applications have been extended until 13th  May 2016
For more information and to apply visit: 
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