Star in your Own Unit Welcome Video! FoA Showcase + Application

Arts Learning & Teaching is opening up a new round of supported ‘unit welcome video’ production, so it’s a good opportunity to take a look at their use, and what these videos generally involve. Unit welcome videos can provide a great introduction to and overview of your unit, and a great way to connect with your students. Don’t just take my word for it* – have a quick listen to this “handsome” (Betts, 1994) chap illume:

As you can imagine, these are great for external students, and help build a sense of personal engagement. One of our key areas of strategic focus is on developing the external student experience, and so we’re particularly interested in producing these for units with large external cohorts. Those units will take priority if we have a large number of applications to work through, but we hope to eventually support everyone who applies (by the date listed below!)

In addition, we’re also looking into other areas where these videos might be beneficial, particularly around giving prospective students a taste of our courses – we’re having (very early) discussions about adding them to, so that students can view them in consultation with the handbook when they come to map out their program.

I can imagine quite a few other use cases – perhaps a 100-level unit might include a ‘preview’ iLearn section in Week 13, with welcome videos for 200-level cores and electives that expand on that unit’s concepts? Maybe you can show them to interested students during Info Days? There are lots of interesting possibilities.

So, if you’d like us to produce a Unit Welcome Video with you, please fill out your details in our online form:

Applications for Round 2 of our production cycle are open until Thursday 30 April, so please register by then. We’ll aim to have your video ready for Session 2, though this will depend on how many applications we receive.

One of the Arts L&T staff will contact you and arrange a time to meet and plan out your video (these meetings usually take about 20 mins.) We’ll go through what’s involved in terms of content and the filming process, and set up a time to film at a later date (filming usually takes no longer than 30-40 mins with setup, but can vary with complexity.) Our team will edit and upload your video, and provide you with a YouTube embed code to add to your iLearn unit.

For inspiration as you consider your own video, a group of brave pioneers embarked upon their welcome video adventure last session, and some of the fruits of their labours are shared below. You can see a range of styles and approaches taken, starting with a basic concept but interpreting it in their own way. Of particular note is Michelle and Leigh’s MHIS100 video, the ending of which demonstrates the inherent danger of insulting your cameraperson/editor.

– Phil

*Ok, it’s also my word.

1994, Betts, Clare ‘Mum’, personal correspondence, 24 Jun 1996

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  1. The ‘popup Studio’ is a great idea and looks simple to use. You guys have taken all the hard work away from the Academics who only need to come into the studio and shoot their video. All post production done by the LTC makes the process very simple. WELL DONE!

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