Space – the final (learning and teaching) frontier

One of our University’s best-kept L&T secrets is the Active Learning Space (ALS), located above Macquarie Theatre. Available for use since 2014, the ALS (cryptically designated as W2.4A 2.300 in the Timetables catalogue of rooms) is purpose-built to support and enhance pedagogies which build on the principles of active learning. Until recently, this effective and adaptable learning environment was one-of-a-kind – but now the evolving needs of students and staff to collaborate actively in learning and teaching are serviced by  two additional ALSs: W5A430 and 435.

To showcase the advantages of the ALS, and how you might engage your students in active learning within such a space, please feel very welcome to see how Professor Sean Brawley and Associate Professor Peter Keegan have integrated the ALS into their learning and teaching practice.

C5A 430 is the larger room equipped with fixed furniture and will seat 64.

C5A 430 ALS

C5A 435 is the smaller room equipped with mobile furniture and AV and will seat up to 48.  This allows the academic to move the groups around the room to some limited extent, or add or subtract the mobile AV as relevant.

C5A 435 ALS

Written by; Associate Professor Peter Keegan.

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