2017 Faculty of Arts Learning and Teaching Awards – Successful Nominations

It is our pleasure to announce the successful nominations for this year’s Faculty of Arts Learning and Teaching Awards.

Regardless of the outcome, all applicants should be commended for the innovative and engaging learning design, curriculum development and teaching practice reflected in their submissions.

Our students are exceedingly fortunate to participate in the diversity of learning experiences which our Faculty provides, and so we are thrilled to share with you just a few of the exciting approaches and initiatives that capture what is best about education in humanities and social sciences at Macquarie.

Matthew Bailey and Sean Brawley

For developing innovative flipped classroom curricula for diverse student cohorts enrolled across multiple, integrated modes of delivery

Lise Barry

For inspiring law students through innovation, passion and co-curricular support

Chris Froissard, Danny Liu, Deborah Richards, Amara Atif

For service innovation in the design, development and implementation of a learning analytics tool that supports learning and teaching at Macquarie University

Karen Pearlman and Iqbal Barkat

For facilitating student engagement, collaboration, communication and employability in screen production through the development of consolidated curricula and delivery which includes intensive teaching

Well done to all – and please do consider submitting a nomination for the 2018 round of the awards scheme.  There is, as we all know, so much good work being done.  Let’s hear your story!

The Faculty of Arts staff are invited to attend the award ceremony.

Date: 13th June, 2017

Time: 10:00 am – 11:00 am

Venue: W6A Room 107

Please note registration of attendance is necessary for catering.  Please  go to Teche – Events to register your attendance.

Written by A/Prof. Peter Keegan, A.D L&T, Faculty of Arts.

Results are in!

Thank you to all that took the time to complete the Arts L&T  “Have your Say” show and tell. 

Key takeaways from the survey:

  • A resounding requirement for Gradebook and Quiz setup workshop.
  • Workshops preferred during mid-session break (April) or during session break (June)
  • Arts L&T drop in clinics date and time was not known to many staff – They are held on Tues & Thur 12-1pm
  • Many Staff were happy with the services provided by Arts L&T

As our first action from your feedback,  we have organised a Gradebook workshop in W6B225 on 27th April 11am – 12:30pm – Please register to attend this workshop.


Gaigest – April 2017

A monthly digest by Gai

As the iLearn train pulls in to the mid-session break station, lets take a breather and look at few iLearn tools that you might have overlooked during the frenzied start to the session:

  • Quiz – user override
  • Group – group selection tool, groups
  • Turnitin rubric – how to set it, export/ import it

Continue reading Gaigest – April 2017

New Online Unit Moderation Report for 2017

In week 7 of Session 1 2017 the Arts Faculty is moving to a new Online Unit Moderation Report.
As you know, the new Assessment policy explicitly states:
“Moderation will occur at all stages of the assessment life-cycle, including unit planning, task design of the assessment regime, standards, pre-marking, post-marking and evaluation.”
To support convenors in undertaking moderation throughout the assessment life-cycle, an Online Unit Moderation Report was made available to unit convenors in session 2 2016. This has now been replaced by the new Online Unit Moderation report. You will see that the interface has changed and your feedback regarding the Qualtrix trial has been incorporated into the new report. These improvements include a more streamlined screen design, removal of dates, and a simpler process to log in and publish reports.
You can now access the new Online Unit Moderation Report. To do so,
  1. Go to the Quicklinks block (top right-hand side of all Faculty of Arts iLearn units)
  2. Select the Teaching Support (staff only) link. You will need to log in using your OneID user name and password.
  3. Scroll down to the Online Unit moderation report section to access both the links to your Online Unit Moderation Report and resources.
  4. When you access the report for the first time you must select your department and the units you are convening for 2017.
To see how to log in,
  1. Go to the Link to Resources and click.
  2. Scroll down to the Convenor Guide for the Online Moderation Report link.
We hope that you find the new Online Unit Moderation Report simple to use, and a useful tool in helping you to engage in moderation throughout the assessment life-cycle of your units of study.
For any technical questions, please contact Chris Froissard by
Telephone: 9850 4097

Email: artslandt@mq.edu.au

Have your say…

The Faculty of Arts L&T team is here to help.

So that we can provide the kind of professional service that best supports your teaching practice, please contribute your responses to a quick show-and-tell about your training and workshop needs.

There are only 8 questions and your participation should take only 5 minutes of your valuable time. Rest assured that your response is extremely valuable to us.

The Faculty of Arts Training and Workshop Show-and-Tell closes on 20th March 2017.

I write it…you own it!

Last year, the Sydney Morning Herald revealed that more than 1000 students from 16 universities paid a Sydney-based agent named “Mymaster” for the ghostwriting service. That is students paying a freelance writer to produce their academic work for them. These agencies are everywhere, online, outside our libraries, on the bus stops! Is it something that we can easily detect? No! There is no magic bullet. Continue reading I write it…you own it!

What’s new in iLearn 3.1

With the recent successful upgrade to improve the functions of  iLearn there are 3 improveme
nts that you need to be aware of;

  1.  Turnitin V2
  • Turnitin v2 assignments will no longer be included in the cloning process when creating a new unit for S1.  Turnitin assignments will need to be recreated in the newly cloned units.
  • Turnitin v2 assignments sending emails to unit convenor(s) for every assignment submissions. Steps to resolve this issue:

    a. Login to iLearn

    b. Click on your user name at the top of page and click on Preferences. See screenshot 1.
    c. Click on Messaging
    d. Go to Turnitin assignment 2 Email settings. See screenshot 2.
    e. Untick email options for –
               Turnitin Assignment Instructor Digital Receipt notifications > When I’m logged in
               Turnitin Assignment Instructor Digital Receipt notifications > When I’m offline
    f. Go to bottom of the page and click on Save changes. See screenshot 3.

2.  Gradebook categories and grade items

  • If a unit included turnitin v1 or v2 assignments and is cloned to a new unit – the categories and custom grade items in the Gradebook will not currently be kept – we are looking into ways to resolve this issue in the future.

3.  Moodle assignment – PDF annotation doesn’t keep correct location  in full screen mode

  • When using the pdf annotation for the moodle assignment the annotation location doesn’t get saved correctly when using the full screen view (see screen shot 4 where the annotation is made in full screen and screen shot 5 where it shows after saving) .  We recommend using the default split view for making annotations.

Also note that Turnitin Feedback Studio (the revamp of GradMark) is now available in Turnitin.  Turnitin Feedback Studio still offers all the functionalities of GradeMark, but with a simplified, more intuitive interface.

To get acquainted with the upgraded Turnitin Feedback Studio, you can try it out with the Interactive Demo.

You will still be able to switch back to the old view by clicking on the link in the document viewer until June 2017.  If you would like any additional help with Feedback Studio you can come to the Drop-in Clinic for one on one help.

Week 1 S1 2017 – done and dusted!

Long anticipated, yet over in what seems like the blink of an eye – for all our newly enrolled undergraduate students beginning their program of study here at Macquarie, Week 1 of teaching session is such a pivotal moment in their learning lifecycle.

With that in mind, I would like to tender my manifold thanks to all 100-level unit convenors and casual academic staff who supported Macquarie’s Week 1 Tutorial initiative. You might be interested to know that Arts offers 60 100-level units in Session 1 2017, and these units provide our newly enrolled coursework students with their first University learning experience of undergraduate education in the Faculty.

To continue our support for this initiative, please drop by our Arts Community of Practice. In addition to the developing range of resources for students, convenors, and casual academic staff, within the next week or so you’ll be able to view a selection of video grabs highlighting best practice in crafting an engaging, informative and community-building Week 1 tutorial experience.

I encourage all staff teaching into the 100-level program this session to build on the community of practice facilitated by this initiative, especially in relation to its core principles – understanding the unit and its learning outcomes; understanding the unit’s assessment schedule, requirements and due dates; understanding the principles of academic integrity; and participating with peers as a member of a learning community.

Written by Associate Professor Peter Keegan, Associate Dean Learning and Teaching, Arts