Opportunity to participate in the Merit Scholar and Academic Mentoring Programs

 Merit Scholar Program

The Merit Scholar Program is a great opportunity  for academics from all faculties to get involved with Merit Scholars in 2015.

Each year Macquarie funds around 30 Merit Scholars to assist on various research projects across the faculties, via a Merit Scholar Research Scholarship.

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Last opportunity for feedback on ‘Peer Review Process’

Recently the  Peer Review Process for iLearn (External) Units 2014 was updated to include all the valuable feedback received.  A final draft was submitted for approval  by the  Faculty Learning and Teaching Committee before submission to the Faculty Board.

The process has been accepted by the Faculty Board and we are now asking for final feedback to be posted in this space by the 20th January, 2015.

Please read;

2014 Peer Review Online Reflective Statement FINAL DRAFT



Highlighting 2014 learning and teaching achievements

Time to celebrate the learning and teaching achievements within the Faculty of Arts 2014.

Faculty Partnership Projects (FPP)

Modern History participated in an FPP called ‘Flipping a Program’. 


Each of the academics involved in this project agreed to trial ‘Flipping’ 3 weeks of their teaching in a single unit running in the 2015 academic year. The Head of Department, Professor Sean Brawley led this project with clear communication to the team encouraging them to share and collaborate ideas to develop and manage their flipped program effectively.

Another successful FPP project was ‘Program Solving’ on the Bachelor of Security Studies.

Security Solutions (1)

Dr John Hardy has been the lead on this project and he has developed some outstanding innovative ideas for developing curriculum with his “Core Program Graphic”.  The graphic effectively displays scaffolding for the graduate capabilities and learning outcomes throughout the program (levels 100-300) and could be used by anyone wishing to develop a new program or to revitalise an existing program. To support this project Dr John Willison from Adelaide University worked with PICT to use the Research Skill Development (RSD) framework to embed research across the program.

 Archaeology –   Dr Yann Tristan and Dr Alex Woods have co-convened the development of units using 3D modelling of artefacts and rich media in the form of video. The Bachelor of Archaeology will be offered in 2015 for the first time.

 Curriculum Renewal

Building on the work initiated at the University level the Faculty participated in an in-depth curriculum renewal project. This task was completed successfully and aligns our programs with the Australian Qualifications framework (AQF).


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