New look for iTeach

You asked, we listened and our fabulous tech support actioned. There is now a new look in iTeach which is much more intuitive.

‘My Unit Guides’ and ‘My iLearn spaces’ are now sitting across the top banner of iTeach as seen below.  All you need to do is click on the appropriate button.


 Other important function changes are;
Unit guides
To help users with understanding the assessment policy, they will be prompted when sending their draft for approval if:
  • One assessment task is worth more than 60%. “Are you sure you want to add this assessment task worth more than 60%?” 
  • Fewer than two assessment tasks are provided in a unit guide “Are you sure you want to continue with fewer than two assessment tasks?” (These are only prompts, not an enforcement.)
HOD screen
Status of iLearn spaces now shows more information (such as who the assigned convenor is for an un-configured iLearn space).

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