New Associate Dean Quality and Standards in the Faculty of Arts

Panos Vlachopoulos is the new Associate Dean Quality and Standards in the Faculty of Arts. He began his new role on the 6th of February. He will be based in W6A 237.

I asked Panos to tell us a bit about himself and what would be his focus in the quality and standards role in the faculty.

What will be your focus?

Panos believes that the modern university is a relentlessly measured institution and that measuring the qualities of higher education can then be seen as providing a lens for re-evaluating and exploring the activities of students, organisations and the sector as a whole. He would like to see the discourse and focus shifting from quality as a compliance mechanism to that of enhancement, potentially suggesting new ideas or possibilities that build on the intrinsic qualities of the existing system and enabling a diversity of voices to be valued and incorporated within the quality sense-making activities.

What’s your background?

Panos describes himself as an academic educator with 15 years of experience in learning and teaching in higher education in countries such as UK, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Australia.  In the last 18 months he has been acting as Associate Dean Learning and Teaching in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences where he contributed his expertise to the development of many new programs in the Faculty.  He is a strong advocate of program level curriculum development and he has developed an expertise in that area.

Panos studied  Philosophy at Aristotle University in Greece, where he specialised in Philosophy of Education and Pedagogy. He then moved to the UK where he obtained a Masters in Communications, Technology and Education (University of Manchester) and a PhD in Online Pedagogy (University of Aberdeen). He is a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and member of various other professional organisations in Australia and overseas.

His research interests to date include quality of online learning design and learning experience, which he measures using a variation of methodologies (Statistics and Social Network Analysis as well as Qualitative Methods) reflective practice and “phronesis” (professional wisdom)  and program level curriculum design and assessment.

Join me in welcoming Panos to the Faculty of Arts!

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