Generating Ideas – new Library module

Have you ever  been stuck for a good idea? The library has developed a new module called ‘Generating Ideas’ that  can be integrated into iLearn units. Researchers and students are encouraged to use it to stimulate ideas about topics.

The module features a range of exercises and ideas based on the library resources, and broader materials.

  • How would you use newspaper databases to  mine contemporary issues related to your field?
  • Why do the Multisearch subject keywords present a trove of ideas and how can they work for you?
  • For subjects requiring  a creative story spin find connections through visual imagery, poetry and literature.
  • How do you structure a research question to test whether it is addressing the research need?
  •  Mind mapping and wider resources on the web are also covered.

This visual and fun introduction to generating ideas should be a handy resource for units where students develop their own assignment investigations.  It may also prove useful for researchers with ‘writer’s block’, or eager to explore alternative  dimensions of a topic.  For further information, contact your research librarian.

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