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Gaigest – May 2017

A monthly digest by Gai

  • S2 Preparation – Unit Guide, iLearn Space
  • New ECHO – ALP – Training
  • Not yet iLearn Savvy?
  • MQACAS – Facebook group

S2 preparation

Are you ready to Rumble? – again.

Session 2 is around the corner.
This is a summary of the preparation stages for iLearn units and Unit guides for S2 2017.

All of the following is done by logging into iTeach (iteach.mq.edu.au).
[Please refer to this process flowchart for full details]

1. NowDept Administrators are able to allocate staff in iTeach for S2 2017 unit offerings.
[Quick guide… http://www.mq.edu.au/iLearn/resources/iteach/manager_assign_staff.htm]

Unit Guides for S2 2017

2. Once staff allocations have been doneConvenors can prepare Unit Guides for S2 2017 and submit for approval.

Unit Guides are required to be published from within iTeach and, once published, these will become publicly available from unitguides.mq.edu.au.
It is also required that a link to this official published Unit Guide is added to your iLearn unit.
[Quick guides – see Creating Unit Guideshttp://www.mq.edu.au/iLearn/resources/iteach/]

MQ Policy and Procedures for Unit Guides:
Unit Guides are required to be published:
  • For Externals – 6 weeks prior to session start
  • For Internals – 2 weeks prior to session start (for FOA)

iLearn Units for S2 2017

3. NowConvenors have access to activate S2 2017 iLearn units in iTeach (provided staff allocations have been done)
[Quick guide…http://www.mq.edu.au/iLearn/resources/iteach/activate_ilearn_space.htm]

Assessment Policy for your reference: – Assessment Policy

The new ECHO – Active Learning Platform

Have you heard the news? a brand new much improved ECHO Platform is being released for S2.

It has new features such as interactive chat, polling etc. Training will be available in June.

Do you use ECHO Personal Capture? – make sure to register for this  workshop running on 21 June  – http://teche.ltc.mq.edu.au/event/echo360-personal-capture-self-made-video-made-easy-faculty-arts-staff/

Not iLearn Savvy?

Don’t have time to attend an iLearn training workshop?  Look no further, Discover iLearn, the online training unit for convenors is here to help!

Get iLearn Savvy Anywhere, Anytime – http://teche.ltc.mq.edu.au/tool-unit-convenors-ilearn-savvy-no-time/

MQACAS – Facebook group

Are you a Faculty of Arts Casual Academic Staff member?

Why not join the conversation at the MQACAS – Facebook group –  a place to connect with other casual academics, share ideas, and seek peer assistance

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