Faculty of Arts 2015 L & T Award Winners

The academic staff listed below are recipients of this year’s Faculty of Arts Learning and Teaching Awards. They have received their awards for outstanding contributions to student learning and are to be congratulated for their enthusiasm, innovation, and dedicated practice.

Maria Amigo

For fostering meaningful experiential learning for students and engagement between the university and wider community

Sijia Guo

For implementing conversational audiovisual products to enhance the flipped classroom experience in a task-based Chinese language teaching class

Stephanie Russo

For enhancing learning outcomes and engagement for online-only students through the provision of outstanding learning and teaching practices

 Chavalin Svetanant

For excellence in fostering positive motivation and passion for language learning by increasing student engagement through a supportive student-focused L&T environment

Rowan Tulloch

For the development of innovative and original gamified strategies and systems that enhance student engagement and marking transparency

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