Introducing ECHO360 Active Learning Platform

Get the most out of this new upgraded lecture plaftorm!

From Session 2 2017, Echo360’s upgraded software, Active Learning Platform (ALP), will be available in all units. Lectures will still be automatically recorded and available for students to view at any time, and the personal capture functionality remains relatively the same.

In addition there are a number of new features to be aware of:

  • Live streaming feature
  • Interactive features
  • Analytics

By now, almost all iLearn units will have a upgraded Echo360 Active Learning Platform block, which launches the Echo360 Active Learning Platform. Students will find a list of scheduled classes in their “class list”. Depending on if you have Opted-In for live streaming, some of the classes will have “Live” next to them.

Please note, old recordings will still be available in the old Echo360 platform. Please speak to David Morgan about accessing and the use of recordings in the old Echo360 platform.


If you would like to Opt-In to have your lectures live streamed, please complete this form.

Things to remember if you choose Live Streaming:

Remember your digital audience – Tips to be mindful of when delivering your lecture.

  1. Lag – streamers may experience a small lag, so if using interactive features, keep the features open perhaps a minute or 2 longer, so the streamers can participate and don’t miss out
  2. Use the mic –if a student asks a question in the classroom or lecture theatre, either give them a roving mic when asking the question, or repeat the question into your mic, so streamers can hear the question
  3. Q&A tool –Some previous ALP users have experienced un-wanted disruptions or students posting inappropriate content when using Q&A feature. You can always turn off the Q&A functionality if you feel your students are too distracted. You can also turn it on and off at certain times -e.g. you could stop the lecture and spend 5 mins or so answering questions, rather than letting it run all the way through. It’s important how you set it up – you can plan specific questions and define the structure, rather than allow it to be a free-for-all Q&A. Some other lecturers have utilised either a PAL leader, a research assistant, PHD student or other student to be the Q&A moderator, and knowing that someone is ‘policing’ it might curb unwanted comments.
  4. What to tell your students– you may want to create an iLearn announcement to make sure your students have the information they need (direct them to the student quick guides).
    1. Technical requirements – students will need to ensure their Flash Player is working and they are using a compatible device.
    2. How to launch – To launch the live stream, students log into iLearn, go to the unit page, and click on the Echo360 Active Learning Platform block. Students will then see their list of scheduled classes. A “LIVE” button will indicate if that lecture is available to live stream. After the live stream, the lecture will then still be available to view as a recording.
    3. Camera view – Not all lecture spaces are equipped with cameras to record footage of the lecturer, so some recordings may just be the audio and presentation slides, while others will have an additional window with the in-class view. Convenors can check if their scheduled room has camera view by visiting the room bookings and facilities guide– rooms with cameras have “SCV” listed. Note, if there is a track mat in the room, the camera will zoom in while you are on the track mat, and will go to wide view when you’re off the mat.
    4. Back up– if the live stream is interrupted or students experience technical issues – reassure them that there is always the recording which they can view once the class is finished. You may choose to keep any interactive features open that whole week, so students who missed the lecture at the scheduled time can also participate in the activities.



Throughout June, July and August 2017 a number of events are being held to introduce users to the new ALP functions.

LTX- Rethinking “Lectures” for the Digital Audience. 15 June, 1-2pm, Macquarie Theatre. Recording available here.

Designing Interactive Lectures with Echo360 Active Learning Platform. 5 July, 10:30-am-12:00pm, W6D Lotus Theatre. Recording available here.

Making Lectures Interactive. 12 July, 10:30am – 12:00pm, Level 8, 12 Wally’s Walk (E7A).

Building Interactive Lectures with Echo360 Active Learning PlatformJuly 13, 10:00 am – 11:30 am, W6B 357.

Designing Interactive Lectures with Echo360 Active Learning Platform. 26 July, 10:30-am-12:00pm, E7B T4. Recording available here.

Building Interactive Lectures with Echo360 Active Learning PlatformAugust 9 @ 10:00 am – 11:30 am. W6B 357

For more information on Events, visit


Updated guides and resources are available on the Staff Portal. You can also browse Echo360’s Help Page.


The iLearn Drop In Clinic is now closed for Session 2, 2017. For further support, please either contact your Faculty Learning Designers or put in a OneHelp ticket.


Staff ALP FAQ;

Student ALP FAQ;


Visit for related articles with more tips.


A pilot of live streaming was run in 15 units  in Session 1, 2017, in ECON203, ENGG255, PHL137, PICT103, PICT110, PSY234, PSY246, PSY247, PSYC104, PSYC332, STAT170, STAT150, ISYS254, BIOL206, COMP225.

Students who participated in a live streaming trial in Session 1, said overwhelmingly that the live stream was easy to access (93%) and a clear majority found live streaming a positive experience (76%) and would recommend it to other students (83%). There were and of course will continue to be isolated technical issues, but we have dedicated personnel on hand to ensure the student experience is optimal. Live streaming can be particularly helpful for those who are unable to make it to campus and the interactive features can make lectures more engaging. One student commented “I really appreciate being offered this option. I have two children and saving travel time meant I could immediately attend to them after the lecture”, while another commented “the chat feature was great to assist learning with other students, you often don’t get the opportunity to ask questions live to other students and this kept me much more engaged than usual”

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