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Academic Standing is Conditional Enrolment?

As part of the Academic Progression Policy, at the end of study periods 1, 2 and 3 students receive information about their Academic Standing.

If over two study periods a student does not pass 51% or more of their load they will move from Academic Caution to Conditional Enrolment.

Every session students receive their results with their Academic Standing and find they are on Conditional Enrolment. If this happens students must seek Academic Advice from their Faculty Student Service Centre. Academic Advice is determined by the Faculty of a major, or first degree of a double degree.

Although seeking Academic Advice is recommended for students who reach Academic Caution, once a student reaches Conditional Enrolment they must seek Academic Advice. A sanction is placed on their student record to prevent them from enrolling until they have taken this action.

Academic Advice is a requirement to support a student getting back on track with their progress. The most successful students know and use the resources available to them. The method of Academic Advice may take various forms such as, attending a one-to-one session with a member of staff, an online learning module, improving study skills, attending a lecture, or watching a presentation.

A new iLearn module called StudyWISE Intensive has been developed to support students affected by the Academic Progression Policy. Developed by the Learning Skills Unit, it is one option available for students under a sanction (as a result of their reaching the level of Conditional Enrolment or Probation) or those requiring academic and study skills support prior to reaching these levels of standing.

A faculty Advisor can help students create a personalised improvement plan to help them get back on track and attain their academic goals.

If students follow the advice they’ll be able to continue with their studies; any sanction on their record will be lifted and they’ll be back on their way!

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