Academic Promotions Policy Workshop – What This Means For You?

The new Academic Promotions Policy came into effect on April 18 2017. A workshop was held on Monday of last week around the release and provided an overview of the new scheme and how the changes will affect the Macquarie academic community.

The previous Promotion Policy relied on criteria of which examined the academics teaching, research and community engagement. It was found this scheme did not accommodate those who favour teaching over research, and those who favour research over teaching.

In the consultative process, a working group engaged with various departments across the university, while also examining the promotion policy at competing universities. This process, revealed the old scheme made recruitment at another university easier than internal promotion at Macquarie.

The new scheme aims to make the process of promotion more pleasant for the academic, with a clear and understandable procedure.

Key objectives from the new promotion scheme:

  • Strengths based
  • Greater alignment between promotion and recruitment
  • Merit-based
  • Acknowledges the diversity of academic work
  • Flexible career pathways
  • Fair and transparent
  • Better experience and less cumbersome process
  • Greater involvement from faculty

Key Changes:

  • New Criteria: Based on Ernest L. Boyer’s four areas of scholarship and an additional Leadership & Citizenship criterion
  • New promotion committees model requires, Faculty Promotion Committee for all levels; University Promotion Committee for levels D and E
  • New process contains clearer forms, shorter case for promotion & semi-structured CV
  • No requirement to submit hard copy sources of evidence folder
  • No requirement to organise referee reports
  • Standard interviews

Submission dates and information on the Academic Promotion Policy. 

For questions, please contact please contact Catherine L.R. McDonald, Academic Promotions Coordinator on

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