The Holy Grail of Active Learning (Part II)

We interviewed our two brave explorers last week as they shed light on some of the things they do to win their daily Battle Against Boredom in class. However, like all good reporters, I was skeptical. I had heard enough tall tales around campfires. And, like all good explorers, they have more than stories to share. … Continue reading The Holy Grail of Active Learning (Part II)

KickStart – the next phase

Launched in 2014, the KickStart project has grown by leaps and bounds in the last 12 months. Brainchild of Prof Leigh Wood, Associate Dean L&T (FBE) and project managed by Dr Yvonne Breyer, L&T Director (FBE) the project started off with a two pronged objective: firstly, to allow students to get a feel for what … Continue reading KickStart – the next phase

Using Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) to connect with students

“After my class I was walking with some of my students back to my office. On my way there they were telling me how they had understood the model that I showed them in class when Mary, a PAL leader, had explained it to them. Perhaps it was because Mary explained it better than me, … Continue reading Using Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) to connect with students

Building Connections: KickStart at #mqltweek

Have you heard about KickStart, the new program developed by FBE and rolling out in trials across the University? During Learning & Teaching Week 2014, Yvonne Breyer and Mauricio Marrone will be walking you through the project, discussing their efforts to engage students right from the beginning of their course and give them the best … Continue reading Building Connections: KickStart at #mqltweek