9 things students say about using iLearn

Almost 500 students filled in the latest survey to tell us how satisfied they are with using iLearn, Macquarie’s learning technologies platform, and how they think their experience could be improved. Here are some of the most common themes.

1. More and more students are accessing iLearn from their smartphones.  23% of students surveyed indicated that they are accessing iLearn via their Smartphones ‘at least once a day’.

2. The top three most useful features of iLearn, as rated by students who have used them are: Echo360 Lecture recordings (86% say they’re useful), the Database tool (84%), and Links to Unit Readings (80%).

3. Students like being able to submit assignments online.  A number of survey comments focused on the convenience of online submission.  The good news is that system data shows that 96% of iLearn units had either one or more online assignments or one or more Turnitin assignments.

4. Students like the changes made to unit guides at unitguides.mq.edu.au, and generally find them useful and user-friendly…

5. …but they also stressed how important it is for unit guides to be kept up-to-date, reporting the confusion caused by publication of incorrect dates for assessments or having two unit guides with inconsistent information.

6. Students would like more consistency in format and layout across iLearn units.

7. Students would like to see improvements to the notification system in iLearn: notifications when they want them, and not too many.  (Students should know they can customise the notifications they receive from iLearn forums).

8. Students would also like to see improvements to Grades including presentation of marks within the system and compatibility with iPhones.

9. Students reported that they would like more functionality within Turnitin, such as being able to use it for pre-assignment submission and having access to the originality reports generated by the system.

You can read the full details in the 2014 iLearn Evaluation report here.  The iLearn team is always happy to receive feedback on iLearn from students and staff, and ideas for improvements: email ilearn.help@mq.edu.au.


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