9 things staff say about using iLearn

You’ve heard what students have to say about using iLearn, here are some of the things that staff told us …

  1. Staff satisfaction with iLearn as a support for: ‘their unit content’; ‘organising teaching’; ‘interaction and communication’ has increased from previous years.
  1. The top three most useful features of iLearn, as rated by staff are: Announcements (89% agreed they’re useful), Online Assignment Submission (85%), and Turnitin (82%).
  1. Staff agreed that they: ‘have developed the necessary skills to effectively use iLearn’; ‘feel confident when using iLearn in their teaching’; and ‘feel confident when using iTeach’. These levels of agreement have increased from previous years.
  1. Some staff members said they would like to upload higher quality videos in Echo360. It is possible to do this by choosing‘Audio and Video’ at step 5 from this guide . The Echo team can work with users who have requirements for higher resolutions, by request via OneHelp.
  1. A majority of the staff members surveyed had ‘not accessed’ or ‘heard of’ the iLearn Status page that provides all system updates for iLearn, Echo360, iShare, iTeach, Unit Guides and Turnitin. To assist with ease of access there is now a link to the status page from the iLearn Login.
  1. Some staff members said they would like to automatically import tutorial groupings. While an automated solution for this is in progress, groups can be created using a CSV import file, or students can self-enrol into an existing group/grouping structure. Ask your Faculty Educational Designer for help, or alternatively, there are Quick Guides on: Importing tutorial or other large groups and Group selection: Allowing students to enrol themselves in a group.
  1. Staff satisfaction with the effectiveness of the iLearn online ‘self-help’ resources has increased but their satisfaction with the ease of locating these resources had decreased from previous years. To assist with accessing these resources there is now a link to ‘Find self-help resources here’ resources from the iLearn Login.
  1. Some staff members reported issues with Grades. Work to continually enhance the Grades is ongoing but with the recent updates to the infrastructure, issues related to instability should be mitigated.
  1. Some staff members described various issues with Turnitin. For example, Turnitin does not allow a re-post for 24 hours and does not exclude reference lists. This is not the case. It is part of the functionality of Turnitin that when a student can resubmit, it can take up to 24 hours to generate a new Originality Report. Also, you can choose to exclude bibliographies, and the system will detect key words and disregard matches in the paper after that point.

You can read the full details in the 2014 iLearn Evaluation report here .  The iLearn team is always happy to receive feedback on iLearn from students and staff, and ideas for improvements: email ilearn.help@mq.edu.au.

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