Santa for MQ

9 reasons why Santa would make a good Macquarie lecturer!

Jingle bells, jingle bells.. Santa Claus is coming to town. Macquarie University should quickly headhunt him, as he will make a great Macquarie lecturer. Not convinced? Here are nine reasons why:

1. He wears Macquarie colours

Mq colors santa

Well, almost. Have you noticed that his colors are similar to Macquarie colours?? A coincidence? May not be!

2. He has already flipped his classroom.

Santa would make a good ‘flipped classroom champion’.

You know what he expects (being good), and you can’t just show up for his class unprepared. If you haven’t written him a letter first, you won’t get your present. As simple as that!

Not a bad solution to a common dilemma of ‘How do I get my students prepared before a flipped classroom’? Learn from Santa!

3. He is well-prepared for the train station closure

santa transport

Santa will do just fine when the train station closes. He has his own sustainable transport and might give all us of a lift if we ask him nicely.

4. He uses authentic assessment.

Santa doesn’t want you to write abstract essays. He cares whether you have been naughty or nice in the real world. Isn’t it authentic assessment?

5. He has always assigned individual marks for groupwork.

Santa does not believe in giving one present for a whole family. He is aware that each person needs individual recognition, otherwise they’ll start freeloading (see this post for details). So he gives presents (marks) separately. In that he  is already complying with  our New Assessment Policy.

6. He encourages research in all students, even the youngest ones

research red

What do you need to request a good present? Research! You need to know what is available on the market, why a certain product is better than its competitor. In other words, you do need to do your research before contacting Santa (more on undergraduate research at Macquarie)

7. He uses both formative and summative assessment with ease

He sees you when you’re sleeping, he knows when you’re awake, he knows if you’ve been bad or good – he’s constantly assessing and has all parents constantly giving feedback too! Then, finally he has to make his summative decision on Christmas Eve whether to deliver a present.

8. He’s nailed the management of a large cohort

You thought having over 1000 students in a unit was difficult to manage – imagine looking after the whole world of children!

9. He adapts to other cultures

Santa is culturally sensitive and happily adapts to different cultures. For example, he’s known as GrandFather Frost (Ded Moroz) in Russia, as Yuleman in Iceland or Surfing Santa in Australia).

ded moroz

Ded Moroz (A Russian Santa)


Yuleman (a Santa from Iceland)

Can you think of any other reasons why Santa would make a good Macquarie lecturer? Share them in the comments below!!

Happy holidays!


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  1. This is brilliant… Love it!!!! Santa brings hope, fun and laughter… that is why he would be a good fit for MQ classroom!!!

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