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5 resources your students really should know about

From plagiarism to Powerpoint, these resources will help set up your students for success from the start.

1. Presentations for Assessment

Planning to use a presentation as an assessment task in your unit? This is a fantastic, user-friendly guide to improving presentation skills that every student should read. It comes in two parts:
The Guide (PDF):
The Planning Sheet (.doc):

2. Feedback guidelines for students

Helping students make the most of the feedback they receive makes your time spent giving feedback more worthwhile. These guidelines contain valuable information for students about how to respond to your feedback, and use it to improve their grades.

3. Simple tips to make your Powerpoint more accessible

Aimed at helping teaching staff avoid common mistakes that compromise accessibility in their presentations, the tips in this Teche post are equally useful for students using Powerpoint.

4. Netiquette Guide

Your students may well be social media mavens, but do they know how to communicate appropriately online in a learning context?

5. The Academic Integrity Module

This one is cheating (geddit?) because it’s not just one resource, but a collection of interactive resources and activities in iLearn to support students to understand what is expected of them at university. The Academic Integrity Module includes self-check quizzes and and an overall mastery quiz.


Did we miss one?

We know there are dozens more. Leave a comment to tell us your go-to resource for Macquarie students (locally sourced or from your global networks!), or email with your suggestions for a Part 2 of the list!