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5 reasons why I love my job

At this time of year, most people I talk to are either bone tired, irritated by small things more than normal or crazy excited about the holidays. It’s easy to forget the things that you love about your job, what gets you out of bed every morning. So I thought I’d take five to reflect on the top five (reasons) why I love my job.

1 . The people

Spotted on a Psychology office door in C3A circa 2014
Spotted on a Psychology office door in C3A circa 2014

I’ve been at MQ for coming up to six years now.  My job has changed in some way almost every year which has kept things interesting and meant that I’ve met a lot of great people across the uni.

I feel pretty fortunate to have met such awesome, quirky people, many of whom have become more than work-mates.  Ups, downs and sideways, I’ve worked with incredibly supportive people who always make me laugh some way.  It’s these friendships that make my job so much easier, and allowed me to collaborate on some projects that have had great outcomes. #livingcommunitiesofpractice

picnicing with friends by the late
Lunch by the lake with friends.

I was at a conference in Perth in October, a good friend and old colleague from my last workplace was also there.  I was excited for her to meet MQ mates who were at the conference too, she loved them as much as I do.

2. Helping people

You know when you do those tests which career you should be in? Mine always come up with a job helping people.  And they’re right.  I do really enjoy helping people.  I like being able to solve something (I like a bit of detective work), make something easier for someone, show someone something that will make their work easier.  I also love that my job can help improve the student experience.

3.  Working with passionate people

I realise that I might be starting to sound naff with all of my positivity but I’m being legit.  One thing I love about my job is that 99.9% of the people I work with are passionate about what they do. From academics who are doing really amazing research, academics who are always trying to improve the learning and teaching experience for their students, to the student administrators who give so much care and advice to students, the unsung heroes from the Learning Innovation Hub tech team.  I tip my hat to you all.

Spotted in the hallway of International Studies, L3, W6A circa 2011.
Spotted in the hallway of International Studies, L3, W6A circa 2011.

4.  Creativity

I’m quite lucky to have a lot of scope for being creative in my job.  I get to play with technology, digital media, apps, all sorts of cool tools. I get to write for Teche about pretty much anything and everything. I’m constantly learning, collaborating and sharing.

5.  My boss – he’s a mad boss with mad ninja skills

My boss is pretty great.  He’s a bit loopy and claims to have ‘mad ninja skills’.  This is yet to be proven but I can confirm that he has mad coin elbow snap skills (see video explanation below courtesy of Happy Days).  In all seriousness, it’s great to have a boss who you feel trusts and values your opinion, treats you and your colleagues with respect, listens and is up for a good joke.  Even if he tells me Discipline = Freedom, I’m yet to be convinced.

Adiós 2016, you’ve been real!

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    1. Well that’s not fair! If calling you a mad boss with mad ninja skills doesn’t get Rebecca a day off, what hope do I have?

  1. Great post Rebecca. I really like having a boss who is a bit loopy too! They say you mirror the people around you, so what does that say about MQU?

    1. Thanks Julie! Reminds me of that old gag, you don’t need to be mad to work here but it sure helps! Boom tishhhhh!

    1. It was on the door of the German Tutors office. One thing I love about working at MQ is seeing what people stick on their office doors and walls. Always makes me laugh!

  2. hi Rebecca you dont know me ( Education) but I loved your post, thanks a million. Positivity is never naff! need lots. Spread the joy.

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