2014 Staff and Student iLearn Experience Surveys

iLearn_during_survey_2014We are seeking feedback on staff and student experience of iLearn. This year we have introduced a new layout and enhanced navigation, mobile compatibility, as well as many improvements to the functionality. We are currently seeking feedback so that we can continue to provide a positive and effective experience for all.

The iLearn Experience Surveys will run from 8th October to 29th October. Please encourage your peers and the students selected as part of a random sample to participate so that we can continue to provide an engaging and effective learning environment.

A summary of the feedback we received in 2013 and how it has impacted on iLearn is available at: http://www.mq.edu.au/iLearn/experience_survey_2013.htm. If you would like to read the 2013 iLearn Evaluation Report click here.

For more information please contact Dr Jayde Cahir: jayde.cahir@mq.edu.au