167,000 stories

It’s been a while, for which I must apologise. But there’s been a lot happening some of which I’ll write about in the weeks to come. In particular, the Learning and Teaching Strategic Framework (or White Paper) has been released – albeit somewhat quietly. Expect a little bit more noise soon as we roll out its implementation and this post marks the start of a more regular conversation.

For the moment though, I want to briefly reflect on the last few weeks.

I was lucky enough to spend some time in South Asia with Macquarie International, speaking to partner universities, exploring recruitment opportunities and most engagingly talking to alumni. We have graduates doing all sorts of amazing things around the world – I met some who were running the Bangladeshi Customs service, starting up social media companies in collaboration with Google Asia or teaching business at a University in Dhaka. And they reminded me that there are over 167,000 stories that we have helped to write. Several of those stories were shared with me on my travels, and everyone I met loved their Macquarie experience, and spoke glowingly of their time here.

And our alumni numbers grew with the last fortnight’s graduation ceremonies, which many of you attended. At each of those ceremonies, another couple of hundred students walked across the stage, shook the hand of the Chancellor, and marked the next chapter of their stories.

Each of those stories are why we spent so long on the green and white paper processes of the learning and teaching strategy – thinking about how students learn, and how we might teach. Just as our graduates end up in places all around the world, doing things that we never would have imagined possible fifty years ago, we needed to think about how we continue to engage our students and potential students.

Fifty one years after Macquarie was founded, the world is a different place and universities have a different role. But the Macquarie story continues to be the story of its students, graduates and alumni. We need to make sure that the Macquarie experience remains relevant and that we can continue to help write – and be a meaningful part of – our students’ stories. Now that the White Paper is out, that journey begins…